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4 Preferable Herbal Products for Weight Loss

We all know that there is no magic pill when it comes to losing weight. Something has to be done when you want to lose those extra pounds. Below are a couple of herbs that you could include in your diet or weight loss program as they will help you reach your desired weight goals. They operate differently but the end goal for each one of them is to aid in reduction of excess weight.


psyllium husk for weight loss

Psyllium is a form of soluble fiber and is preferred for weight loss purposes due to its laxative qualities. Psyllium husks contain soluble fiber referred to as mucilage and it thickens into gel once it is mixed with water.  Psyllium moves through the digestive tract such that it is only partially broken down or absorbed. Being soluble, it absorbs water and changes into thick form that plays a role in alleviating constipation, regulating blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels and ultimately managing body weight. In as far as contributing to weight loss is concerned, psyllium leads to satiety hence your appetite is controlled. Also, the frequency of visiting the toilet is reduced therefore one feels full for longer.

Cayenne pepper

cayenne pepper for weight loss

Cayenne pepper, a variety of chili, has the effect of raising the overall body temperature and hence the body metabolism is boosted The pepper contains a compound, capsaicin, which contributes to the typical rise in body temperature. When your body functions at a high metabolism, it is bound to burn more calories which is perfect for the weight loss journey. Capsaicin also helps reduce hunger pangs so you do not have to keep eating even when it is not necessary. There are plenty of ways to incorporate the pepper into your meals. You could add it to your soup, sauce, dips as well as to many other meals.


dandelion for weight loss

Dandelion is a herbal diuretic and therefore you are bound to visit the toilet more often; diuretics stimulate production of urine more often. The herbal substance also serves as a mild laxative as well. It has the effect of making you excrete loosened stool. You will also experience increased bowel movements. Dandelion also stimulates fat metabolism during digestion and lowers cholesterol levels in the body. It also boosts the removal of fatty acids that would otherwise be dislodged in the body through the digestive system. This is a big step in the weight loss journey since it reduces fat reserves in the body. The natural diuretic is superior to other forms especially those that are processed; it contains vitamins and minerals that are normally flashed out by synthetic diuretics. You can ingest dandelion in many ways: as tincture drops, leaf teas or in meal, salads and soups.

Black pepper

black pepper powder for weight loss

Black pepper is a common spice that you have probably come across or consumed at one point in time. It is one of the commonest additives especially to Indian cuisines. It contains the compound piperine which is attributed to its outstanding flavour. With respect to contributing to weight loss, piperine inhibits formation of fat cells leading to presence of minimal fat reserves in the body. This means that you will lose weight and finally attain your desired weight. For optimal results, you could combine black pepper and cayenne pepper so that each brings in different superior qualities.

When you supplement your diet and weight loss regimen with these herbal products, you are bound to reduce your weight, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI).

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