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Organic Black Pepper Powder (Superior Sri-Lankan Fiery Powder)


Organic Black Pepper Powder

Pepper (Piper nigrum) is among the most customary additives to meals meaning most people have interacted with it at one point. Black pepper is referred to as ‘the king of spices’ since it is used all over the world, and not just by specific people. Organic black pepper powder has a pungent smell and the earliest use of the extract can be traced back to South India where it served various purposes apart from being used for seasoning and a spice in meals.  It can be added to different meals, soups, sauce included. 

Apart from its culinary purposes, there are many other utilities that are linked to ingesting organic black pepper powder. Piperine present in organic black pepper powder increases bioavailability of nutrients contained in various foods by a huge margin. It has the effect of increasing the intracellular time so that various nutrients have more interaction with the cells. The nutrients are able to reach and last longer within their target cells hence better use of the same. 

Benefits of Organic Black Pepper Powder

Organic black pepper powder is helpful especially with sensitive guts. It ensures smooth digestion by increasing the release of HCL acid which is essential for the process. This way you won’t suffer from the upsets that come with improper digestion. These include colic, vomiting, diarrhoea and digestion. Pepper also aids in ensuring proper urination as well as perspiration. This aids in removal of toxins and other impurities in the body. Once you take the powder, you sweat a lot and hence any excess water that could be dislodged in the body is removed. 

Organic black pepper powder is a useful constituent in the manufacture of various cosmetic products. The piperine compound aids in the production of the color pigments by the skin. This way, the skin is protected against excess UV radiation. It is contained in products used to tone down Vitiligo. The organic pepper powder is also used to help the body deal with insect bites as well other skin infections. It is used as a product in the manufacture of ointments which you apply to keep away insects which bite. The skin care products are applied on wrinkle and age spots. They also control other symptoms that come with premature aging, especially those that affect vision and cognition. 

Organic black pepper powder has numerous antioxidant properties. It is therefore able to prevent and control the side effects that result from free radicals which come from different sources. The pepper powder has the effect of neutralising what is caused by the lethal compounds and hence keep the system in a stable situation. Bioavailability is also enhanced in the process. Other herbal extracts that are ingested benefit the body more since their efficiency is maximised. The body is able to benefit more from plenty of the healthy foods it takes in. 

It has a cleansing effect once taken alongside a proper diet. The arteries involved in transportation of blood are kept clean and excess cholesterol from the artery walls is scrapped off. This will in turn reduce chances of contracting complex heart conditions. Once fat reserves in the respective cells are broken down, the body processes make use of the resulting building units respectively.

How To Take

2 - 6 grams daily (1 teaspoon - 2 grams) can be mixed with foods in culinary use, or black pepper powder is often made into a decoction and drunk. Or take as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


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