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The Importance of Vitamins for Optimal Health

We all are familiar with the fact that vitamins are required by our body for proper functioning of our inner organs. They are required in balanced amount for proper growth and development of our body. Vitamins along with minerals are so called as micronutrients which are necessary for good health. Starting from the stage of conception, different types of vitamins are required in particular quantity, so that each developing organ present inside the body can receive proper nutrient. As each vitamin plays significant roles in the body, therefore their balanced proportion is essential for good health.

vitamins for optimal health

Talking further vitamins are classified into two categories i.e. Fat soluble and Water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins are said to be those which are stored into the body for couple of weeks or maybe for month. Whereas water soluble is short term vitamins which get dissolved in shorter time spam. Here we are discussing list of some of the major vitamins (A-Z) that are essential for maintaining good health of our body.

Vitamin A

vitamin A - carrots

Vitamin A is responsible for maintaining healthy eyes, teeth as well as skin. It is also necessary because it helps in general growth and development of our body. Foods that are enrich in vitamin A include carrots, sweet potato and cantaloupe melons. It is also observed that most of the orange color foods have more amount of vitamin A in it.

Vitamin C

vitamin C - oranges

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps in strengthening skin elasticity and blood vessels present inside our body. It also helps in absorption of iron in our body. Fruits like oranges, guava, red and green peppers, grapefruits, strawberries and kiwi are good sources of vitamin C. The Camu Camu berry contains the highest natural know source of Vitamin C!

Vitamin D

vitamin D - eggs

If you want your bones to grow stronger, then consuming those food items that have high amount of vitamin D can solve your problem. You can get this nutritional source from fish, eggs and mushrooms as they are enriched with vitamin D.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E - Almonds

Products with vitamin E are high sources of calories and therefore balanced amount of those products much be undertaken for good health. Vitamin E enriched food is basically helpful in blood circulation as well as in protection of free radicals. For maintaining good health you can consume almond, nuts, sunflower seeds and tomatoes which are good source of vitamin E rich foods.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K - leafy greens

Vitamin K is good for blood coagulation. For proper blood circulation throughout your body parts it is necessary that one should consume food that has balanced amount of vitamin K in it. Foods such as leafy greens are the best natural source of vitamin K. Apart from this spinach, Brussels sprouts and broccoli have high margin of vitamin K present in it.

Also supplements such as Moringa that is the native to the sub-Himalayan areas of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan is enrich in vitamin K as well as vitamin A. Now days Moringa oleifera leaves are consumed by many people in order to maintain their overall health.

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