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Organic Camu Camu Powder (Natural Vitamin C)

7 reviews
Organic Camu Camu Powder

About Camu Camu

Camu Camu whose scientific name is Myrciaria dubia is a South American bushy tree that is found in the Amazon rainforest. This shrub also bears red purple cherry like berries that are famous in Brazil and the surrounding countries.

Camu Camu is quite famous and revered among the natives due to its medicinal and nutritional value. It has astringent, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory as well as therapeutic properties. Camu Camu contains the highest amounts of vitamin C, more than any other plant known alongside other important nutrients. Compared to many fruits, the vitamin concentration is very high. Camu Camu can be taken as either a juice or Camu Camu powder.

Health benefits

Some of the health and nutritional benefits that have made Camu Camu common among the natives of southern America as well as to the whole world at large include

  • Contains vitamin C

Camu Camu contains one of the most vital vitamins that the human body requires. It has more vitamins than an orange and a banana combined. Since it grows in the Amazon rainforest it has natural vitamins compared to the synthetic vitamins that are not always good for the human body. Vitamin C is very crucial in repair of tissues, maintenance of bones and healthy teeth. It is also needed in healing wounds.

  • Fights inflammation

The vitamin C present and other amino acids are very important in fighting inflammation. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and may be recommended for those suffering from arthritis, hemorrhoids, gout and even those who have just ceased smoking. Smokers who drink Camu Camu juice at least one a day rather than smoking report feeling better since helps with inflammation and oxidative stress caused by smoking. It also has a soothing effect and can also offer pain relief for the sick.

  • Enhancing ones mood

The high amount of vitamin C in Camu Camu helps the brain to produce serotonin which in turn calms the brain thus enhancing one’s mood. It is therefore a suitable natural mood booster. This can be very important for someone suffering from depression and stress. It also contains magnesium which acts as a sedative and also provides a calming effect for those feeling cranky and in a foul mood.

  • Improves the gums

Camu Camu contains potassium and vitamin c which are key in maintaining healthy gums. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also important in treating inflamed gums and tackling diseases such as gingivitis which can be disturbing to a patient. Taking Camu Camu at least once a day can help in tackling the progression of gum infection and enhance one’s mood since a healthy mouth equals to a healthy body.

  • Helps to deal with disorders related to aging

Inflammation is known to be a contributing factor to accelerated ageing. As one approaches old age, the body becomes weak, eyes start to suffer from macular degeneration and the body starts to experience chronic pain from diseases such as arthritis. Camu Camu contains vitamin C which is crucial in fighting age related inflammation. It also contains calcium which is key for strong and healthy bones and fighting arthritis. The high levels of nutrients in Camu Camu also help in slowing age related vision loss. Camu Camu also helps to alleviate chronic pain which many people above the age of sixty start to suffer from.

Please also read our interesting article about antioxidants which has Camu Camu mentioned.

How to use

We suggest taking 1/4 - 1 teaspoon per day mixed with water, in juices, blended into smoothies or used in food, or take as directed by your healthcare practitioner,

Please also see this Camu Camu and Maca flapjack recipe!

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Tania .
Natural HIghest VItamin C potency available

I changed to Camu Camu from Ascorbic acid which I found out to be not as natural as I thought! Ascorbic si synthetically produced from fungus, possible from GM modified corn/maize? I use Vitamin C to fight off infections before they start. Although Ascorbic acid is highly effective at knocking out viruses etc usually within 24 hours, I am still working out how to maximise this product. Vitamin C is essential, and lets face it fruit these days are not as healthy as we used to think. Vitamin C is essential to our wellbeing, it is also very useful for the thyroid. I use this extract mixed with boswellia serratta extract, with a two other efficient extracts to eliminate muscular pain and support the thyroid. Excellent product!

Sharon N.
United Kingdom
It really good

It’s just been a week, I’m happy with this product.. hopefully to see a result soon...

linda B.
United Kingdom
Cami camu

Five star service all round Very efficient postal too

Julian P.
camu camu powder

was advised to up my Vitamin C as sometimes gums bleed when brushing teeth, been using couple weeks and notice a difference, taste is nice and just love the sweet smell x

Josh B.
United Kingdom

Easy to buy and came to my place really fast. Highly recommend to shop again

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