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The Overall Benefits of Antioxidants Explained

Antioxidants often make headlines in health related discussions as they are considered to be the gemstones of good health and play a crucial role in preventing harmful diseases. These magical substances find their way to mankind from the freshly harnessed fruits and vegetables. Anti-oxidants do wonders to prevent the oxidation of harmful molecules in the body. They provide boon to a sound health, by challenging the free radicals that could cause a wide range of ailments and deep seated diseases. Some of the major benefits of antioxidants are discussed as follows:-

antioxidants explained

  • Antioxidants: The proven antidote for free Radicals

Free radicals find their way naturally in to the human body which produces antioxidants to thwart their detrimental effects. But generally the free radicals far exceed the antioxidants composed by the body naturally. Thus, it becomes quite important for us to maintain a regular stock of antioxidants from foreign sources to balance the abundant free radicals. Antioxidants play their part by counterbalancing and removing these free radicals from the blood.

  • Different Antioxidants target different body parts

Nature provides us with an abundant number of antioxidants and thanks to their varied nature that different antioxidants come loaded with different perks for different parts of the body. For instance, zeaxanthin and lutein is very good for the eyes, where as alpha-tocopherol is beneficial for a sound prostate; beta-carotenes especially assist the healthy functioning of heart; Coenzyme Q-10 work wonders for the young and flawless looking skin. Therefore proper intake of such antioxidants is necessary at regular intervals.

  • Antioxidants: Nature’s blessing to skin care

Excessive exposure of the skin to harmful ultra-violet radiations imparts a photo-oxidative harm to it as a consequence of deposition of varied kinds of reactive breeds of oxygen such as the singlet oxygen merged with the superoxide radicals. This results in damaged DNA, proteins and vitamins which eventually leads to sun burn, premature ageing of the skin and skin cancers. Coenzyme Q-10 pursued by beta-carotene and merged with vitamin E is proven to be one of the most effective antioxidant blends for assisting the skin in tackling reactive species of oxygen.

  • Enhanced Immune System

One molecule of oxygen could accord the immune system as it has the potential to boost the formulation of free radicals. Omega-3 and Spirulina are proven to boost the immune system, and to safeguard the cell membranes and the DNA from alteration. Antioxidants are the dynamic puncher of singlet oxygen, and are up to twenty times stronger than the free radicals, and thus are beneficial in boosting immunity. 

camu camu berry loaded with antioxidants

For example, the Camu Camu berry which is the highest known natural source of vitamin C. has the naturally occurring antioxidants valine, leucine and serine which play a decisive role in the proper functioning of muscles and bones and neutralising harmful free radicals.

  • Supplementary benefits of Antioxidants

Improving one's external antioxidant intake is important for one’s best health, notably in 21st century world, as our body could not keep the pace of natural antioxidants at par, a sound quantity of these vitamins and minerals must come loaded from our daily balanced diet. Increasing the antioxidant intake could assist in an added advanced protection for the body which is essential for optimum health.

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