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Aloe Vera and How it Helps in Digestion

Aloe vera, termed as a miracle plant by many, has plenty of benefits to various systems within the human body. The plant is a vital constituent in making various foods, beverages, cosmetic products and dietary supplements, among others. The variety of compounds contained in different parts of the phenomenal plant contribute differently to the general body health and overall well-being. One of the systems which benefits most is the digestive system. Extracts from the magical plant helps in ensuring a smooth and efficient digestive system. There are many ways in which aloe vera helps in digestion and below are some of them.

aloe vera powder

1. Ensure optimal digestion and absorption

It ensures that there is maximum digestion and absorption of the food that has been taken in. In cases of an inefficient digestive system, cases of constipation, indigestion, gut discomfort, diarrhoea and vomiting are bound to be more rapid. Also, there could be instances of dislodged food substances in the gut lining and this affects the absorption of the essential nutrients into the bloodstream. The complex carbohydrates in the gel, sourced from the plant, get ahold of water and the result is a calming effect on the lining of the digestive tract. Inadequacy of certain nutrients in the body could in turn lead to a deficiency disease. In aiding the digestion process,  aloe vera also boosts the production of bile juice. The juice is responsible for the breakdown of fats which play a role in eliminating constipation. The plant extracts also help in ensuring smooth bile flow.

2. Helps in reducing inflammation  

Aloe vera extract reduces instances of irritation and inflammation in the gut.  Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is among the most common form of inflammatory conditions that affect the intestines. Aloe vera helps in suppressing the pain and stomach discomfort that is linked with most of these disorders. The aloe vera plant has antimicrobial properties therefore it is able to fight off different type of bacteria, viruses and fungi that could attack the digestive system. Most of these microorganisms cause infections on the digestive path.

3. Enhances smooth waste removal from the body

The gel present in the plant makes its way through the digestive channel and ensures that it absorbs and gets rid of the toxins that it finds along the tract, through the colon. This in turn enhances smoother waste elimination from the body as well as helping with detoxifying the digestive system and the body at large. Aloe vera helps increase the amount of water in the digestive tract and especially in the intestines. This generally aids in smoother peristalsis as digestion moves from one stage to the next. The laxative effect of the plant is attributed to the outer part of the plant that harbours compounds referred to as anthraquinones.  

4. Aids in thriving of healthy gut bacteria

Aloe vera also helps in keeping the right environment for healthy bacteria to thrive in the gut thus ensuring a balance in the concentration of vital intestinal flora. The plant also contains a variety of enzymes which aid in the breakdown of various sugars and fats present in the foods ingested. This ensures optimal functioning and absorption of the nutrients in the bloodstream. Also aloe vera contains high amounts of vitamin C. Proper intake of vitamin C is helpful to the body as it boost the ability of the human body to take in iron that is sourced from plant-based foods. Appetite is also boosted in the process. 

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