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Organic Aloe Vera Powder (Digestion, Colon Cleanse, Face Mask)


Organic Aloe Vera Powder

Aloe vera is one of the medicinal products that has left a lasting mark in people’s health and life in general. The botanical name of the aloe vera plant is Aloe barbadensis miller. Aloe vera is also known as lily of the desert, burn plant, plant of immortality or elephant’s gall. The term ‘vera’ means that which is true, pure and genuine. The green succulent plant has been in use for the longest time. Its earliest use can be traced back to about 6000 years ago. Some of the earliest groups of people to use the herbal plant include Indians, Egyptians, Chinese, Mexicans, Spanish, Persians, Greeks, Italians, Africans, Japanese, and North Americans. It is still popular to date. 

The aloe vera plant is mostly stemless or with a short stemmed juicy and grows to a height of about 60-100 cm. The margins of the aloe vera leaves resemble a saw-tooth as they have small spikes on the edges.  The leaves are quite succulent and fleshy and are an adaptation of the plant to survive in its habitat since it can survive with minimal rainfall. The aloe vera plant resembles the cactus plant and it is able to thrive in arid and semi-arid climates. The powder sourced from the plant is resilient the same way the plant is. The plant produces both gel and latex; both have different medicinal value. The gel is beneficial to the human body and is part of the ground powder. The odourless and clear liquid, which resembles jelly, is located at the innermost part of the leaf. The latex is located just beneath the plant’s skin. It is yellow in color and has a bitter taste. It has laxative properties and is mostly extracted in making of the powder. However, there are a couple of products which have both the gel and the latex. The aloe vera can be grown anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. This way it is easier to access and benefit from it since it can be grown within reach. The leaves which are dried till they are devoid of moisture are ground while making sure that the powder retains all its beneficial nutrients. The succulent plant therefore does quite well in low rainfall, tropical climates e.g. those in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the southern and western parts of the United States.

Aloe vera powder is nontoxic and it therefore blends well with most human body systems when taken. The miracle powder has plenty of phytochemicals alongside other nutrients which are of benefit to your skin, hair and general health. The powder is also contained in different types of foods and energy drinks. Aloe vera powder is used to come up with juices and gels which serve various purposes in the cosmetics and personal-care products. Some of these products include moisturisers, soap, shaving creams, shampoos, toners, deep conditioners, and suntan lotions. The powder is also used in coming up with juices which are ingested and serve as a super food. 

Benefits of Aloe Vera Powder

Aloe vera powder is used quite often in skin care. It has the effect of moisturising and cooling the skin. It leaves the skin looking young, firm and smooth. It also helps in reducing the redness that comes with sunburns. It also helps in fastening the healing process of the skin in case it disintegrates e.g. during cuts or burns. The antioxidant properties of the powder provide a vibrant complexion to the skin. 

Aloe vera powder aids in the digestion process. Aloe powder aids in detoxifying the digestive tract. Polysaccharides contained in the powder also have anti-inflammatory properties which help in recovery of aching muscles e.g. during sport activities. Aloe vera contains antioxidants which ensure a strong immune system. By fighting of various disease-causing microorganisms, the powder ensures maximum absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. 

How to take Aloe Vera Powder

1 to 2 teaspoons can be taken once a day internally, it is recommended that regular breaks are taken when using Aloe vera powder internally. Can be added to hot or cold water, in juices, added to smoothies or in foods.

Aloe Vera Powder can also be re-hydrated in water and made into a paste and used topically on the skin. 

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