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Organic Cinnamon Powder (Superior Sri-Lankan True Ceylon)

7 reviews

Organic Cinnamon Powder (True Ceylon)


  • Superior Sri-Lankan True Ceylon

  • Perfect for Baking

  • Certified Organic by Organic Food Federation 

About Cinnamon Powder

The cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), which is the source of organic cinnamon powder, is an evergreen tree that is native to Sri Lanka, parts of India, and Southern China. Other terminologies used to refer to the tree include Mexican cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon. The powder sourced from the cinnamons is of light brown colour and has a far-fetched pleasant taste. The cinnamon tree is primarily cultivated for its bark but the leaves also find usage. The cinnamon tree is grown for two years for it to mature fully. It has ovate leaves and a thick bark. The tree also produces tiny berries. This tree is evergreen and can grow to heights of above 10m. Harvesting is done by cutting the tree a few cm above the ground level, this is so the tree will grow back with more stems for future harvesting. The barks are then stripped. Cinnamon strips that wrap to form rolls when dry are obtained from the inner bark. They are then left in a warm and well-ventilated room to fully dry. These rolls are then finely ground to form cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon has a rich history that goes back hundreds of years to about 2800 BC in Ancient Egypt after being imported from China. Ancient Chinese people called it “Kwai”. Cinnamon was highly revered by ancient civilisations and was severally used for gifting monarchs and rulers. Sacred ancient texts mention how cinnamon and cassia were delivered as gifts to the temple of Apollo at Miletus. Ancient Egyptians also included it burnt offering and sacrifices to sweeten the aroma. Cinnamon was also a major component when the embalming of mummies was taking place. Greek authors from the past like, Aristotle and Herodotus alluded to cinnamon severally in their writings. All ancient Greek authors concurred that Arabia was the source of all the cinnamon that found its way to Greece. They believed that the lands where cinnamon and cassia were cultivated were under constant protection from winged serpents.

Pliny the Elder recorded how cinnamon was carried to the Arabian peninsula on boats that had no sails or rudders. He stated that these boats only utilised the winter trade winds for navigation. He also states how cinnamon and cassia was used as a wine additive to improve its flavour. One Roman pound worth of cinnamon cost approximately 1500 denarii. This was equivalent to fifty months' pay for hard manual work. This made cinnamon a very costly commodity for daily use. However, it is believed that the famous Emperor Nero set ablaze a huge amount of cinnamon during her wife’s funeral in 65 AD. In the early 1600s, traders of Dutch decent set up shop on the shores of Sri Lanka exiling any Portuguese people that were left. They took full control of the Cinnamon trade and its cultivation. Around 1790, the British took over the cinnamon trade from the Dutch, and in the process, constructed Asia’s biggest cinnamon estate.

  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on the potential benefits and you may be surprised.

How To Use

We recommend taking 5 grams of our Organic Cinnamon Powder per day. This can be mixed into hot or cold drinks or added to your baking making it a very versatile supplement. You will find lots of great recipes across a wide range of cuisines including Turkish, Persian, Mexican and American.

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Steven G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Easing Arthritis Pain the natural way.

Great product as usual. Recommended by my Surgeon for arthritis pain together with organic nettle tea and organic ginger powder. So why only 4 stars then? The powdered cinnamon does not dissolve in boiling water so drinking it as a 'tea' is out. Shame really but it is great at sprinkling onto various food dishes. Quality is first class as are all of the products here.

Mahbuba C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Very quick

Product looks and tastes good

Pierre-Alain W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Second time I am buying this product Smooth grind Great taste Used diluted in a glas of water

Pierre-Alain W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent service and excellent products

Excellent service and excellent products Very good quality products. Fine grind, efficient delivery

Linda G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent product and service

Lovely cinnamon, in reusable packaging. Excellent customer service and communication, easy to order and prompt dispatch.

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