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Mucuna Pruriens Capsules - 6750mg Highest Strength - 40% L-Dopa

10 reviews

Mucuna Pruriens Capsules - 6750mg Highest Strength - 40% L-Dopa

Highest quality CLEAN ULTRA STRENGTH Mucuna Puriens Extract (COMPLEX) Capsules


Each capsule contains:

Mucuna Pruriens Extract Powder 450mg (Standardised to contain at least 40% L-Dopa)

Organic Mucuna Pruriens Seed Powder 250mg

Equivalent of a huge 6750mg of Mucuna pruriens! Unique blend of both extract and whole seed powder to deliver the full benefits of Mucuna Pruriens!

We have listened to our customers who some say that our Mucuna 40% extract is more effective for them while others say they prefer the organic Mucuna Pruriens seed powder, so why not have both in 1 capsule and reap the full benefits of Mucuna Pruriens.

We manufacture our capsules on our own machines, we do not use any fillers or flowing agents in these capsules, they are 100% CLEAN and SAFE and suitable for vegans.

How to use: Start with 1 capsule daily for 1 week then if needed can take 2 capsules daily, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

DO NOT take 2 capsules at the same time.

Due to the L-dopa content this product is not to be taken with L-Dopa medication.

About Mucuna Pruriens

Referred to many as the “velvet bean”, “magic bean” or “devil bean”, mucuna pruriens is one of the most popular herbal plants that is a source of naturally occurring L-dopa. The plant is also referred to as cow witch or cow hage as well. The species pruriens is a Latin term which refers to the itching effect that arises upon contact with the hairs covering the pods. The plant is referred to as velvet bean for the same reason. The itchiness caused by the loose orange-red hairs is attributed to chemicals referred to as serotononin and mucunain. The annual leguminous plant is a climber and it is quite common in the Asian continent and in Africa as well. The bean-like plant also grows in parts of America, especially the Bahamas and Florida in the USA. The first growth of the plant is traced back to Southwest India. It mostly occurs in the plains of India that are somewhat uncultivated. The jungles, waste lands and forsaken lands along rivers present the best soils and conditions for ideal growth.

The seeds are the most important part of the plant since they contain the highest amounts of the vital phytochemicals. They are therefore used to come up with mucuna pruriens extract capsules. The beans and the hair are also used to come up with the extract as well. Some of the bioactive compounds the seeds contain include alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, tannins, terpenoids and reducing sugars. The seeds also contain minerals such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

Traditionally, the mucuna plant was used as food and fodder. People harvested immature pods, seeds and leaves and used them to make various dishes. Others used the seeds to prepare different types of beverages e.g. traditional brews. Also, the plant was revered and held spiritual essence and hence it was used by some people to cast good luck or bad luck spells on others. Mucuna pruriens is was and is still quite popular among crops that are used as ideal green manure in the tropical and subtropical climates. It is also used as a cover crop as it has the ability to improve the soil quality and cutting off weeds. As a feed, the plant was feed especially to dairy cows alongside other animal feeds.

Potential Benefits

Mucuna pruriens extract capsules aid the body in numerous ways. One of this is helping in improving brain health and cognitive function. This especially applies for people who have a hard time coordinating activities and applying their motor skills. The L-dopa compound present in the extract capsules has served as an ideal aphrodisiac in the present and in the past as well. L-dopa precedes dopamine therefore influencing processes which are affected by the latter. Taking the extract capsules helps in increasing the body testosterone levels naturally, boosting libido and sexual desire. The extract capsules also aid in improving endurance as well as improving how fast the body recovers even when exposed to strenuous exercises. Mucuna pruriens extract capsules impact both the central and peripheral nervous system positively thus helping in improving movement and rest.

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Anthony C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Ordering was easy and postage good Thank you

Raza S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Excellent quality product

Excellent quality product and equally great customer service as always. A well deserved 5 stars all round.

A. Kiff
United Kingdom United Kingdom
The review

Caused mild stomach unease until i got used to taking it. memory and mood have improved a bit, afer a couple of weeks, will know more longer term.

Alan R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Received very quickly

Received within a few days of ordering. Very good. Too early to say whether I will get any benefits from Mucuna Puriens. Fingers crossed I do.

Cara-Jane H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great company, great product

The happy bean lives up to its name! My best friend died and the tears wouldn't stop until I used Mucuna pruriens. Thank you

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