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Boswellia Serrata Extract Capsules (Strong 85% Boswellic Acids - 1 a Day)

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Boswellia Serrata Extract Capsules

Highest quality CLEAN Boswellia Serrata extract capsules, Ultra high strength 12:1 extract, 85% boswellic acids providing a equivalent of 6500mg of boswellia per capsules and a huge 425mg of boswellic acids per capsule, only 1 a day needed!

We manufacture our capsules on our own machines, we do not use any fillers or flowing agents in these capsules, they are 100% CLEAN and SAFE and suitable for vegans.

How to use: We suggest taking 1 capsules daily with water 


About Boswellia

Boswellia extract is obtained from the Boswellia tree, scientifically referred to as Boswellia serratta. The natural resin obtained from the plant has been put to different uses in the past as well as presently. The most common application has been its use as incense in various religious and cultural occasions, hence the name Indian frankincense. The Boswellia tree which mostly thrives in mountainous and hilly regions. It can vary in size, from moderate to large, depending on various factors. The tree is able to survive with minimal rainfall. The tree is most commonly grown in certain parts of India, the Middle East as well as Northern Africa.

Since ancient times, the common belief by people who have been using the resin is, there is some form of divine connection to the spirits once the latter is exposed to fire. It is believed that the fragrance and smoke that comes out of it calms their souls and also pleases the higher spirits. This way they are able to keep off evil spirits which are bound to attack them. Also, they are able to pay homage to the living members of the society as well as those who have passed away. The earliest history of use of the extract as frankincense is by Greek, Romans and Egyptians.

Normally, the oleo gum-resins obtained constitute resin, essential oils and polysaccharides. The major proportion is taken by the resins, followed by essential oils. The sweet aroma that is associated with the extract stems from the essential oils contained in the resin. Normally, resin is harvested during autumn and summer seasons after the Boswellia tree has been wounded. Normally, the latter happens in March and April. The tree is viable to produce high quality resin for a maximum of 3 years. However, the gum can be collected from the bark of the tree for as long as 8 years. After this period, the quality declines quite rapidly. In order to obtain the resin from the plant, a cut is made on the trunk of the tree. In the past people used bamboo baskets as storage points for the harvested resin; they are still used in some places. At this point, it is in semi-solid state. It is stored for a while, preferably a month, so that the fluid content in the gum-resin reduces. With time, the extract becomes amorphous and almost solid. Once the aromatic final product is graded, based on different factors, they are then put to different uses. Apart from letting the resin to take solid shape, storage also serves the purpose of removing oil present in the gum-resin. Due to its aromatic nature, boswellia extract has for long been used in a range of products: perfumes, detergents, creams, soaps, air fresheners, cosmetic products and lotions, among others.

Boswellia extract has excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Boswellic acid present in the extract has the effect of inhibiting the action of leukotrienes. By countering the action of the aforementioned molecules, there are fewer chances of inflammation happening. Also, the boswellic acids contained in the extracts have the effect of boosting the immune system The body is therefore able to remain strong in circumstances which it normally wouldn’t. It also helps in proper development of the bone structure as it helps in strengthening the joints.

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James S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Boswellia is a truly excellent product, which we can unreservedly recommend to anyone with our health problems. I suffer from osteoarthritis in the thumb joints of both hands. This is extremely painful, and prevents me from carrying out many day-to day activities as it is too painful to hold or even squeeze things like scissors. My favorite occupations are do-it-yourself tasks like woodworking and plumbing, and I nearly had to give them up as they were just not worth the pain involved. My wife has osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in her hands and back, and gradually, over the years, found she could not even try to do the many things a homemaker and grandmother wants to do. The medical profession has been of no help whatsoever - the only treatment suggested was large doses of paracetamol and the more powerful painkiller, naproxyn which were worse than useless. Their latest suggestion is sulfasalazine, which has also proved to be of no effect. On surfing the internet we found that Boswellia was most often recommended for arthritis, and after trying several suppliers we found Health Essentials and have been using Boswellia for nine months or so. We found little improvement at first, but after a month or so noticed that the pain in our joints was starting to subside, and the swelling of my wife's knuckle joints was no longer getting worse. We both found that we can do more and more of the activities we used to do. I came back to earth with a bump last month, when I forgot to re-order, and when I got around to doing it there was a minor problem in supply and we did not take Boswellia for a period of three weeks or so. The results were obvious - we both found that the pain was rapidly returning, and I was experiencing more and more problems like when handling a screwdriver or pliers. We are both back on the Botswellia wagon and hope to return to the new norm soon. Keep up the good work!

Diane B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Easy to order

I feel this product helps with my arthritis

Mr H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Works well

Good product

Amanda M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great product and fab company

I feel sure these capsules are helping as I feel so much better since taking them and will definitely buy again

Tanya T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I use it for my asthma

I am very impressed with the customer service, packaging, delivery and the product itself. I have now taken the product for a while and must say that my asthma flare ups are less.

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