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How Bacopa Monnieri Effects Brain Function

bacopa monnieri

The Bacopa monnieri (BM) plant, which gives rise to the Bacopa monnieri powder, is a creeping plant which mostly grows in moist, marshy and wet environments with a relatively tropical climate. The perennial herb is also known as Brahmi as well as Water hyssop. The plant is named Brahmi which is derived from ‘Brahma’ who is a Hindu god associated with cognitive functioning, concentration and memory by extension. The earliest use of the phenomenal Bacopa plant in Ayurvedic medicine can be traced back to the 6th century. The plant was held in high regard and was used by the Indians in different rituals including consecration of toddlers for purposes of enhancement of intellect and memory as they grow. During this era, the religious scholars also took the plant in various forms in order to improve their memory as they interacted with pretty long hymns and scriptures. The herbal plant benefits many systems within the body and one of those which benefits most is the brain and the nervous system.

Bacopa Monnieri is one of the most common nootropics. Nootropics are chemical compounds which are used to enhance the cognitive functions of the brain in the short-term. The phytochemicals present in BM powder are referred to as triperpenoid saponins; bacoside is especially responsible for boosting the cognitive functioning of the brain. The compounds also result to the overall brain health in the long run. The brain performs many functions and therefore it ought to have proper coordination in order to provide the right response for all signals sent to it. BM also acts as an adaptogen and hence it has the effect of lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This means that one has relative peace and is able focus as they work on a particular task.

The powder aids in boosting the ability to multitask and reduce tension and anxiety when one is engaging in activities which are quite cognitively exhausting. BM has the right balance of the psychostimulant compounds and hence it isn’t addictive and reactive when taken in the right manner. It has the effect of sustaining the neurons through increasing the effect of antioxidants in the brain. The antioxidants protect the neurons from perils that could be caused by substances such as smoke from cigarettes and toxic chemicals and minerals that have accumulated in the brain. This avoids instances of oxidative stress that is bound to result to harmful reactions and eventually neuronal damage. This makes it difficult for effective communication through transmission to take place.

The benefits of Bacopa powder even to students is quite evident especially in terms of how they respond to school work. Their language skills are enhanced and they are able to spell and pronounce better, and grasp new concepts and vocabulary.  They are also able to understand and process general information relatively fast. This also means that the students have an easier time recalling newly learnt information. Bacopa powder also comes in handy even as one is aging. With increasing age, one is placed in a position whereby their cognitive functioning starts diminishing. The cognitive functions that are the biggest casualties of aging include rational thinking, speed of processing, memory and spatial ability. Ideally, the powder serves as an enhancer and thus it boosts how long and the cognitive functions last and how sustainable they are.

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