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5 Herbal Products That Aid in Natural Pain Relief

In case one experiences any form of pain or discomfort, the first thought that comes to their head is to reach out for pills, mostly over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. With time the shift has focused owing to the long-term effects caused by overusing the OTC drugs. Some of the common side effects that result include addiction whereby you become dependent on a certain drug and you can hardly operate without taking it. Also, some vital body organs could become casualties in the process. Some of the long-term side effects that could result include kidney failure, liver failure, and damage of the intestines, among many others.

People are now seeking more natural and organic remedies for pain and discomfort, among other types of ailments. Some of the most common pains and inflammations that most people experience include backaches, headaches, toothaches and joint pains, among others. Some of the most common plant-based herbs which help in getting rid of pain are listed below.

`1. Boswellia

Boswellia extract, obtained from the Boswellia tree, is a suitable natural painkiller. The powder has the ability to reduce the severity of headaches, especially in cases of individuals who deal with wild migraines. Some of the active compounds associated with the reduction of pain include resin. The extract also helps in dealing with pain that results from sprains, strains, burns as well as discomfort in the joints.

2. White willow bark

As the term implies, white willow bark is sourced from the bark of white willow trees. The extract contains a compound referred to as salicin and  it works similarly to aspirin. It has the effect of suppressing and toning down fever and inflammation. It also contains severe headaches as well as lower back pain.

3. Valerian Root

Referred to as “nature’s tranquilizer,” valerian root has a tranquilizing effect and hence is able to take care of cases of pain. The herb has the effect of reducing the sensitivity of the nervous system hence one doesn’t feel as much pain as they would in its absence. The random body aches are hence gotten rid of. The herb has the additional benefits of addressing insomnia, anxiety and a quick temper caused by hormonal imbalances.


Turmeric contains strong anti-inflammatory and ant-oxidant properties. The two work hand-in-hand to make sure that instances of inflammation and pain are alleviated. Turmeric also contains curcumin which has the effect of reducing the level of hormones which bring about inflammation. The herb, which is majorly used as a spice, also has the benefit of improving circulation and inhibiting blood clotting where the pain is associated with injury. Turmeric also aids in toning down different forms of pain linked to autoimmune disorders and tendonitis.

5. Devil's Claw

The herb, which was first discovered in South Africa, is revered for its ability to alleviate pain. It is especially attributed to reducing lower back pain. It has the ability to take care of muscle cramps and spasms as well. Also, it has the ability to protect the body tissues and cells within the body from free radical molecules that could have negative effects. 

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