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How Mucuna Pruriens can help body builders

The human growth hormone (HGH) is every lifter’s ally for massive gains, explosive strength and surging testosterone levels.

At the very least, it aids in cell growth and regeneration and maintains tissue health.   

And once in the bloodstream, HGH remains active for a couple of minutes and then converted by the liver into insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) that promotes anabolic state.

In the simplest terms, anabolic means building up muscle – the exact opposite of catabolic (breaking down muscle). The latter is a bodybuilder’s worst nightmare – because being in this state for a long time, when unattended or ignored, could lead to muscle loss and poor health, putting all your training and hard work to waste.

HGH & Bodybuilding

HGH is one of the most crucial hormones in the body for its cell repair and tissue growth function.

Its production is at its peak during childhood but slows down as you age, meaning the amount released into the bloodstream diminishes as well; thus, your body’s ability to maintain good health, repair cells and grow muscles also diminishes.

Restoring HGH with Mucuna Pruriens

Also called M. pruriens or velvet bean extract, Mucuna Pruriens may help in replenishing the body’s supply of human growth hormones for its L-dopa and testosterone-boosting properties.

M. pruriens is a legume originating from the tropical regions of Africa and Asia and its seeds are where most of its benefits are from; in fact, its extract is what’s been used in Ayurvedic healing for chronic issues, such as Parkinson’s disease and decreased libido. Lately, it’s been taking the fitness community by storm for its muscle mass and testosterone boosting ability– especially for those looking for natural solutions.

The Benefits Explained

Male Libido

Mucuna Pruriens supplements improve your reproductive system.

Certain studies had it: Infertile men who supplemented with it over the course of 90 days increased sperm volume by 688% vs. fertile subjects who boosted their sperm volume by 32%.

Dopamine production and testosterone levels

Briefly, dopamine is a brain neurotransmitter, which tandems with other neurotransmitters, to stimulate the central nervous system (CNS) and improve sleep, libido and mood.

And in the bodybuilding world, it inhibits prolactin from breaking or tearing down testosterone levels. 

This is the area where L-dopa shines – it promotes and increases luteinizing hormone (lutropin, lutrophin), which is produced by the anterior pituitary gland’s gonadotropic cells. 

For males, this hormone is known as the interstitial cell–stimulating hormone that stimulates the testosterone’s Leydig cell production.

Without even saying, high L-dopa levels can increase your testosterone levels.

So if you want to promote the natural dopamine production, you will need an increased supply of this L-dopa in your body because it converts into the active form of dopamine.

[You can prevent high levels of prolactin, which is related to low testosterone levels, by supplementing with M. pruriens. Otherwise, having excessive levels of it can lead to gynecomastia (man boobs), poor spermatogenesis and erectile dysfunction.]

Oxidative Damage & Cortisol Secretion

Weightlifting isn’t all-good.

In fact, it gives your body and muscles much stress to handle – leading to spikes of cortisol, also called the stress hormone. 

And the higher stress you are the more of it will be produced by your body – causing oxidative damage to your cells (and muscle tissues).

This reaction can be reversed by Mucuna Pruriens for its potent antioxidant profile.  It aids in the prevention of lipid oxidation in your body, and it inhibits oxidative damage while promoting the body’s natural neuroprotective profile.

Mental State

The herb is one of the most potent supplements available when it comes to mood enhancement, aside from libido improvement.   

With its long list of benefits and uses, improved mood can be one of the most advantageous for bodybuilders. It can directly influence your brain’s neurotransmitters to boost your mental state, along with your energy levels. 

And with a better mood and energy level, you can improve your workout performance, helping you finish your reps and sets (or even increase it) due to a better cell composition, higher testosterone levels and better mood.

Muscle Mass

With an increased dopamine through more converted L-dopa, you can increase muscle mass for the simple reason of stimulating the production of HGHs in your body. 

As said, dopamine can increase GHs within your body as well as improve protein synthesis, helping in stimulating muscle growth.

While mucuna pruriens isn’t all you need to gain muscle but also an effective training protocol, proper bulking diet and motivation to keep going, it can make the big difference – especially for its potent function of inhibiting muscle break down (catabolism) and promoting its building up (anabolism).

[Coupled with the muscle-stressing effects of weightlifting and aging, your body’s production of growth hormones and ability in fighting oxidative damage diminishes. Start fixing these problems by supplementing with a potent and pure mucuna pruriens].

    Possible Side Effects

    Some users experience side effects and mainly because of improper dosage.

    When dosage is too high on the human growth hormone supplement – you may experience headaches, vomiting and sleeplessness as well as hair loss, hallucinations and high blood pressure.

    And if you keep on taking too much of it, your body may start developing tolerance – thus, you might have to increase your dosage again to keep reaping its bodybuilding rewards.

    Adding up on muscles– still relies, on a majority, on proper diet and effective training.


    Before supplementing, you should ask your doctor about it. As just like any testosterone-boosting and muscle-building supplements, it is not for everyone, even though there are rare side effects as reported by some users. Still, safety should be paramount concern, so ask your healthcare provider about M. pruriens L-dopa today!

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