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Magic Benefits of Shilajit that will Blow your Mind


If you are searching for a supplement that will uplift your overall health and well-being, make sure you try out shilajit. The medicinal supplement which has been used over centuries in Ayurvedic medicine has proven to have immense benefits to its  users. Your whole body will be in good shape as the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of the medicinal products help the body in numerous ways. You will now know what to answer people who will constantly ask you what the fountain of your youth is.

shilajit powder extract

1. It leads to healthy aging

Shilajit contains high amounts of fulvic acid which has profound antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidants and the minerals present in the acid protect your skin body cells against free radical which cause cellular damage. Shilajit also protects the vital organs i.e. the heart, liver and lungs, against the free radicals. This means that the aging process is slowed down and you can then age gracefully.

2. It helps deal with high altitude sickness

Shilajit helps your body adjust to the sudden changes that occur within the body when you visit high altitude places characterised by low atmospheric pressure, low temperatures and increased wind velocity. High altitude sickness is associated with quite a range of health issues. The symptoms include body pain, memory loss, lack of sleep, muscle pains and extreme sluggishness, among others. The antioxidant properties help in strengthening your immune system and memory as well. The anti-inflammatory properties help in dealing with the body pain and numbness that comes with the sickness. The medicinal product is also an energy booster alongside being a diuretic. It helps you get rid of excess fluid in your body. When you take shilajit, you can now visit high altitude places and surf, hike or rock climb without much worry.

3. It increases the testosterone levels.

Shilajit has been proven to increase the testosterone levels in men's bodies. It is preferably taken by older men who have relatively lower levels of testosterone.  Low testosterone levels are associated with quite a number of health issues: fatigue, reduced muscle mass, loss of hair, increased body fat and a relatively low sex drive. Taking shilajit will save you from all these troubles. Shilajit also has the effect of increasing the male sperm count as well as the sperm motility. The sperms become mobile and are able to move as required. It is therefore perfect for men with infertility issues.

4. It helps reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

Shilajit has the overall effect of reducing the severity of chronic fatigue syndrome. It helps in improving the general cell functioning in the body. This way, it makes sure that high energy levels are maintained and therefore the fatigue is dealt with at the source. The medicinal product basically helps in preventing mitochondrial dysfunction which affects release of energy within the cells.  Chronic fatigue syndrome reduces your productivity, be it at work, home or school. Even the simplest tasks will seem hectic due to the unending tiredness and fatigue.  

  1. It keeps your heart healthy and safe

Shilajit has the effect of improving overall heart health. It keeps you safe from cardiac arrests, and even when they occur, their severity is lessened. The release of the antioxidant glutathione from the medicinal product makes the heart tougher and therefore it is able to respond better even in cases of cardiac injuries. Shilajit also contains different nutrients which ensure heart health is kept at bay. The humic acid in Shilajit also helps in lowering the amount of fat in the blood thus potentially reducing instances of stroke and other heart diseases.

Shilajit powder ought to be your go-to medicinal herb as it deals with most health complications that face the body. 

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