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Himalayan Shilajit Extract Powder 40% Fulvic Acid (High Grade Genuine Shilajit)

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Himalayan Shilajit Extract Powder 40% Fulvic Acid

  • Sourced From the Himalayan Mountains

  • You Can Easily Test at Home to Check its Genuine

  • Great Customer Feedback, Read Our Genuine Reviews

Our Shilajit is sourced from a remote clean area in the Kashmir region of the Himalayan mountains at high altitudes of between 16,000 - 18,000 feet by natives who are experts at harvesting shilajit, Once collected our shilajit is then tested for all contaminants including all heavy metals, pesticides and pollutants. No chemicals are involved in our extraction, we only use filtered water.

Genuine shilajit powder should turn back into a hard rocky resin when left out exposed to the air, this should take 24 - 48 hours and it should also mostly dissolve in water.

About Shilajit

Shilajit is a naturally occurring resource that occurs as a result of the decay of plants and other organic material the colour of Shilajit ranges from brown to black. Shilajit is a Sanskrit term which means “Conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness” in the Sanskrit language. It was revered for existing in conditions which very few forms of life could survive. The tar-like substance seeps from rocks on high mountains located in the Himalayas, Russia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tibet, Karakoram, India, Nepal, and Northern Chile. Shilajit is described using a wide range of names by inhabitants of different areas with the most common names being, mountain blood, mineral pitch, rock sweat, mineral oil, and stone oil. This was, majorly, because it seeped from the cracks of these rocks on the mountain when the weather varied from cold to hot. Also, this took place as a result of years of decay. This gave it a charming, almost spiritual appearance, giving rise to many myths and legends about how it was created or where it originated from. The shiny substance is soluble in water by up to about 60%. It is also slightly soluble in alcohol and acetone. 

Shilajit is made when microorganisms decompose particular plant types e.g. Euphorbia roleana and Trifolium repens over a long period usually spanning centuries. Over time, these plants which have been decomposed become compacted by the weight of the rocks of these mountains. The humus which forms part of the decaying matter has a bitter taste and a sharp odor which resembles that of urea. Eventually, the plants and organic matter form a black, tar-like substance that is under ever-growing pressure from the sheer weight of these rocks. This causes it to finally start seeping from crevices and cracks on the mountainsides. The sticky substance is best harvested from its natural setting in the summer, specifically in April and July. Also, the prime conditions for its decomposition to happen are altitudes between 1000-5000 meters above sea level. 

The history of use of shilajit can be traced back to over 3,000 years ago. One of the narratives of how shilajit was first tried out by human beings is after they accidentally spotted monkeys taking something they had not seen before. Natives in India sighted a group of monkeys feasting on a gelatinous substance that was seeping from rocks on the mountainsides. They believed that the monkeys that snacked on this substance lived longer and exhibited signs of higher intelligence based on the traits and behaviour they exhibited. The extract which was held in high regard was also used in embalming mummies. Indians and Egyptians applied the compound to dead bodies. The substance would aid in removing all the moisture from the dead body. This way the dead would last for as long as they wanted it to with minimal decay. In the Soviet Union, where is it is officially referred to as the ‘treasure of the country’, inhabitants used it in trade due to the value they attached it to. They used it as currency and only exchanged it for such valuables as gold. Currently, the Soviet Union has banned the exportation of shilajit to other countries. 

  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on the potential benefits and you may be surprised.

How To Take Shilajit Powder

We suggest taking 500mg (1 /6 teaspoon) once or twice a day as directed by your healthcare practitioner, can be take with hot or cold water, in warm milk and honey, in juices or smoothies or directly with honey.

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I never got it!!

Dint arrived!!!!!!

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good service

tastes awful but im sure its effective

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Shilajit powder

Only been taking Shilajit for about a week, but I can feel an improvement in energy. So far so good

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Great product and price fast efficient delivery

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Loving it

Lovely packaging. Still to see how it benefits me