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5 Fun Facts People do not know about Veganism



Some of you haven’t understood fully what veganism is all about hence depend on a couple of stereotypes and misconception that run around. Being a vegan doesn’t mean that you subscribe to a boring diet as many people view it. Once you have a clear grasp of what it is, you will understand that it is not just superficial and that there is more than meets the eye.

There are many interesting facts on veganism that you could probably have no idea of. Veganism is a healthy lifestyle in its own way. As a vegan, you are at reduced risk of contracting chronic diseases e.g. stroke and diabetes. Subscribing to vegan diet aid you avoid unwanted products that are present in meat and that could eventually increase your blood cholesterol as well as blood pressure. Below are some fun facts on veganism that most of you could be hearing for the first time:

As much as honey cannot be regarded as completely vegan, it is also regarded highly in the vegan diet. As a superfood, it is able to fill in for most nutrients that the body needs. It contains plenty of nutrients and antioxidants. You can use the versatile product as an additive in dressing salads, marinating in various forms and to sweeten various foods and drinks. You will have done away with the myth that suggests that a vegan diet isn’t as sweet as a non-vegan diet. Veganism also constitutes conversation of life and it is quite clear bees are not harmed in the production of honey. You do not have to kill them to harness honey. Also, the bee pollen granules which are sourced from the same process are beneficial especially for a healthy skin and a sound digestive system.

Most alcoholic drinks are regarded as non-vegan due to their association with animal byproducts at one point in time. Unknown to most of you, animal products are used as ingredients or during the production process. For ardent vegans who also consider the ethical aspect, they’d rather avoid the alcohol in as much as the animal byproducts cannot be traced in the final product.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle helps you avoid food poisoning by a huge proportion. Most of the food poisoning which erupts is attributed to consuming meat. It could be, the meat is not well cooked or it has gone bad already without anyone noticing. With a vegan diet, the risks and severity of poisoning are reduced.

Surprisingly, you can also gain considerable weight from consuming a vegan diet. Popular opinion suggests that it would be almost impossible for you to be unhealthy as a vegan. You could get rid of such products as meat and cheese but if you don’t watch your calories, you will put on a few pounds. Soy, broccoli and certain foods which serve as a replacement for meat have the capacity to make you add weight if not tracked appropriately.

You contribute positively to non-pollution when you decide to go vegan. There are a lot of negative effects that come with the processing of meat. The meat industry contributes a lot to pollution and this ultimately leads to the greenhouse effect. The meat industry results in more pollution than a combination of the various modes of transport. Also, a lot of water which could be put to better use is also used up in the production of meat. `

These are just a few of many reasons to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

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  • Eleanor on

    Picking a honey fight with vegans isn’t going to help sell your products. Something is either vegan or it isn’t. Something non vegan cannot be prized in a vegan diet. I am not mad on this subject of honey but I have literally seen hundreds of vegans that are.

    Veganism is an ethical stance against the abuse and exploitation of animals so your article is a little confused taking about “ardent” vegans considering an “ethical aspect” regarding alcohol. I’m sure we’d all prefer it was clearly labelled with full disclosure but generally people learn which alcohol is vegan by researching it ahead of time.

    These points could actually turn off customers.

    I applaud you bringing up lots of positive points to veganism and hope that you find this comment worthwhile.

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