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Milk Thistle Tablets 2000mg - 40:1 Extract - 80% Silymarin (Liver + Gallbladder Health)

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Milk Thistle Tablets 2000mg


  • 40:1 Extract - Containing 80% Silymarin
  • Equivalent to 2000mg of Milk Thistle
  • Made in UK

About Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a perennial herb that is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, Asia Minor, North Africa, and Southern parts of Europe. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) falls under the family Asteraceae. Some of the common plants which it bears a close relationship to include artichoke, lettuce, the blessed thistle, sunflower, daisies, dandelion, among others. Milk thistle is sometimes referred to as silymarin. It also goes by other common names such as Marian thistle, Saint Mary’s thistle, scotch thistle, variegated thistle, Our Lady’s thistle, and Mediterranean milk thistle. In some places, especially in the United States, it is perceived as a weed therefore it is pruned off occasionally in the farm fields. Seeds of the milk thistle plant are considered their most useful plant part. However other parts e.g. the stems and leaves were also used. Milk thistle contains silymarin, a bioactive compound present in the mature seeds of this plant. The milk thistle plant can grow to a height of about 3 to 4 ft. It has green branches and stems. Its leaves are green and dull with white vein-like structures running along the edges. The leaves are spiky and can prick someone if not handled carefully. The name milky thistle emanates from the white milky substance that leaks out when its leaves are cut or pounded. The flowers are purple and located at the pinnacle of the stem. The flowers have a circular base with sharp spikes protruding from it as well. Each flower can produce over 170 seeds.
Milk thistle thrives in virtually all conditions. However, it grows best in dry rocky areas. Since it is a weed it can easily grow in various soil types ranging from sandy, clayey loam to heavy clay soil. It does not require watering because it is drought resistant. Only extreme drought conditions would necessitate watering when they are still young. It is propagated through seeds during autumn or spring. The seeds have to be spaced correctly to prevent the grown plants from clamping together. Fertiliser is normally not necessary. Milk thistle can grow in poorly drained soils as well. To prevent them from overgrowing due to re-seeding, mulching is carried out under the plant. The dead flower heads are also removed early. During harvesting caution is taken to avoid being pricked by sharp spines. Heavy gloves are worn when cutting off dead flower heads. The dead flower heads are then put into paper bags and placed in an ideal location for six to eight days to dry. After they have dried out completely, they are put in sacks, shaken thoroughly, and pressed to detach them. The seeds are then carefully poured into a bucket while ensuring that the chaff is not mixed up in there. The seeds are stored and used to make milk thistle capsules.
Milk thistle has a rich history of use that spans over 3000 years. The plant has been mentioned many times in Ancient Egyptian texts for its usage in different civilisation eras. Different plant parts were put to different uses. The leaves and stalks of the milk thistle plant were used to make different kinds of foods including salads, smoothies and soups. The leaves were popular for their fine texture once they were cooked. Tea taken from boiled seeds of milk thistle was taken by victims of snake bites as well. The tea was mostly given to infants and children. Dioscorides, a Roman army Doctor, was the most popular person who pushed this narrative.
  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on the potential benefits and you may be surprised.

We suggest taking 1 - 3 tablets daily with water

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David H.
United Kingdom

First class product

First class product and service .

Mrs C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Milk Thistle Capsules

Due to very slow post, I’ve only just received my Milk Thistle Capsules, 2 days ago. So, it’s really too soon for me to review my order. I will when I’ve finished the pack. Many Thanks.Carol

Linda M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Milk Thistle

Excellent service

Carmel H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Milk thistle

Productan packet good however the was only 29 tablets not 30!

M M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Arrived Quickly & Well Packaged

Only just started taking so can't say much about the benefits of the product yet! But after doing lots of research I found this company to be the best price & then the product arrived quickly & was well packaged so happy with the company in that regard!

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