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Why Herbal Over Conventional Medicine

With the progress of medical science into the 21st century, we have made lot of advances in medicines and this has been made possible only because of new discoveries in the field of biology, chemistry and physics. Conventional medicines which are socially excepted system of medical knowledge are practiced exclusively around the world. Using conventional medicines, many doctors around the world make treatment of health issues by using radiation, drugs or either surgery. Also conventional medical treatment are often called as allopathic, modern or western medicine and mainstream.

With such a technical advancement in the field of modern day mainstream, we feel so much proud with our achievements in science but still there are some areas where conventional medicine haven’t showed effective results. Several diseases such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cancer and other chronic diseases have been left with unsolved treatment from many years. Those who are already suffering from incurable diseases are now questioning the true advancement of conventional medicines and thinking whether the technological advancement is providing real benefit or not.

However for those people herbal treatments can bring wonderful results in their life. Herbs are now days making their mark in the modern day medical market and many of us are familiar with its power for efficient health and well being. That is also the reason that why so many of us are now opting for herbal remedies and new regulations are also been passed out by government so as to regress the growth of herbal medicines over conventional one.

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Other major reasons that why more and more people are opting for herbal treatment over modern day medicines treatment is discussed as follows:-

  • No side effect

One of the major reasons behind decline of conventional medicines is that they sometime have side effects on the body of the person who actually consumes it. Conventional medicines are generally produced in labs using synthetic ingredients which often have side effects on the user. Some of these side effects can be a milder one but there are chances for them to be quite harsh which in the end can let the user to suffer a lot and pay the price for that. But with the usage of herbal products, there are very minimal chances of having such issues.

  • Longer treatment with positive results

It is often seen that herbal medicines works on the cause and makes treatment more mildly which is opposite in the case of conventional medicines that provide temporary solutions to the problems that are faced by patients. 9 out of 10 people receive positive results after herbal treatment which is much more than that of conventional medicines.

  • Not too costly

Another disadvantage of conventional medicines is the pricing issues that are associated with product. It is seen that herbal supplements are much cheaper than that of conventional medicines; therefore it can be easily purchased by patient suffering from any disease.

  • Treatment of harmful diseases

Herbal supplements are now days used by many doctors for the treatment of harmful disease such as Parkinson’ disease. Mucuna Pruriens which is a famous Ayurvedic herb is used to treat the effects of Parkinson’s disease which reduces dopamine in the brain which is a neurotransmitter that helps  in proper functioning of skills & healthy nerve functioning. Such disease can also be solved with the help of Mucuna herb.

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