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Organic Spirulina Powder

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Spirulina Powder


  • Ancient Aztec Superfood

  • Ideal Addition to Smoothies

  • Certified Orgnic by Organic Food Federation 

About Spirulina

Spirulina is blue-green cyanobacteria that has the ability to photosynthesise as it contains chlorophyll pigment. The term spirulina is a Latin term that is derived from the word spiral. Another popular terminology used to refer to the microorganism is Tecuitlatl, which means the stone's excretion. The slimy spirulina that was collected from the lake resembled excretion. This is due to the spiral nature of the microscopic strands that make up the algae. Spirulina blossoms in temperate climates, specifically warm salty water with high pH. Spirulina thrives in alkaline environments, especially in soda lakes. The carbonates and bicarbonates play a key role in ensuring spirulina can make food. The higher the alkalinity, the more the latter flourishes and multiplies. Most of the lakes, which serve as the best environments for the ideal growth of spirulina, are located in Africa, Mexico, and Asia. One of the most renowned lakes is Lake Chad. Spirulina is classified under algae that have been in existence since the onset of the earth. It is estimated to have been in existence for over 3 billion years. 

Spirulina has quite a rich history. It has been harvested and used vastly since the era of emperor Montezuma, who ruled over the Aztec people of Mexico in the 13th century. During this era, it was mostly used in its dried form. The emperor was quite specific with his diet and where he preferred it being sourced. Fish were his favourite food; he preferred those that were sourced from the Gulf of Mexico. Since he preferred them fresh, he preferred the errands being made regularly. The messengers preferred taking and also carrying with them some spirulina. They would stay energised all through the journey. They harvested the spirulina, which was in the form of slime, from Lake Texcoco as they proceeded with their fishing expeditions. Its supply was however affected after Spanish conquistadors invaded Mexico and dried up the lakes that served as the sources of spirulina. They believed dried spirulina gave them energy and grit to trek over thousands of kilometers. The blue-green algae were harvested using specially knitted nets then left to dry in the sun. What resulted is a cake that was included in different meals. This included being eaten alongside cereals or being baked into bread. 

Natives in Chad have also been using spirulina for decades. To date, the Kanembu tribe in Chad still partake of spirulina as a food. Spirulina is mostly harvested by women using special clay pots and nets, along the shores of the lake. The slime collected in the late is then filtered to obtain a spirulina substrate; a sieve or piece of cloth is used. Spirulina is also held in high spiritual regard. Women in Chad still take it in the course of their pregnancy. They believe that the dark green shade in spirulina plays a key role in warding off evil spirits that might bring about a bad omen. Also, they believe that spirulina has a protective effect over their unborn babies as it shields them from various complications that might come up e.g. preterm labor and miscarriages. To date, spirulina is still revered and used widely in Chad. 

  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on the potential benefits and you may be surprised.

How to use

We suggest taking 5 - 15 grams per day mixed with water, in juice or smoothies, we recommend starting with a small amount and gradually building up to the recommended amount, or the amount that suits you best.

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Alison M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Happy with it all

I adore using it very good for you price is a little steep for one of the items but the product i am completely happy with.

Sian M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Even though the taste is shocking, this stuff is amazing

I take it morning and night and find it keeps me on track. I use a few drops of Oregano oil in the powder mix with room temp water and do it as a shot and its grand.

Zach M.
United States United States


I never received the package

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