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lucuma powder

Lucuma Powder - Peruvian Super Fruit


Lucuma Powder 


Tired of bland, beige health supplements that fail to move the needle? Meet lucuma powder - the Peruvian superfood spicing up nutrition. This ancient staple delivers:

  • A treasure trove of antioxidants
  • Fibre for digestion and heart health
  • Immunity-boosting carotenoids
  • A dose of essential vitamins & minerals

With a subtly sweet and maple-y flavour, lucuma powder is incredibly versatile - mix it into smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, baked goods and more. It's the tastier, healthier alternative to sugar that Incan warriors relied on for energy and vitality.

Whether you're an athlete looking to amplify your performance or someone seeking better health, lucuma powder delivers on all fronts. Unlock the nutritional secrets of this ancient superfruit and take your health to new heights!

  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on the potential benefits and you may be surprised.

How To Use

We recommend taking: 1 heaped teaspoon (5 grams) as and when required mixed in water, smoothies, ice cream or foods

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