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Luxury Rose Petal Powder (Anti-Aging Skin Cooling Face Mask)

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Luxury Rose Petal Powder

The evidence of roses blooming can be traced as far as 35 million years ago. The rose flower is believed to have originated from Persia Apart from being a fragrant and a sight to behold, rose petals have been used for several other purposes since over many centuries. They were used by ancient Greeks and Romans to perfume their baths. The rose flower has been around for the longest time and women have had an infinite connection to it since it was used as a symbol of ancient goddesses. The ancient Greek goddess, Aphrodite, brightened up herself using roses from head to toe. Also, the Egyptians ruler, Cleopatra, filled her royal residence with petals. The powder sourced from the rose petals has a sweet yet subtle scent, thus it is perfect for everyone including those who are sensitive to strong scents. 

Rose petal powder for skin is an organic product which work wonders on the skin and its nourishment effects can be enjoyed by both women and men. The powder is preferred for use due to its restorative effects on the skin and the fact that it leaves the skin feeling smooth, shiny and soft. The powder ensures you have flawless complexion by scrubbing off unwanted elements on the skin. Rose petal powder is preferred for its role in balancing the skin. It ensures that the skin has enough moisture and helps in keeping bacteria away. The powder, used in face masking, makes sure that the skin is kept at the right PH alongside locking moisture into the dry facial skin cells. 

Rose petal powder also contains astringent properties. The powder contains bits of oil which are essential in serving as a facial mask and cleanser. The powder has a hydrating effect and contains vitamins E and C which are essential for skin growth. The vitamins aid in boosting the skin’s defense against UV light. Also, the skin is protected from free radicals which cause damage on the facial skin. They help in speeding up the cell turnover process. Rose petal powder is perfect for all types of skin, especially the stubborn dry skin and that which is prone to redness. The sugar present in the powder has a soothing effect. 

Benefits of Rose Petal Powder

Rose petal powder has a fine texture and is used to deep cleanse the skin and free it from dirt and other substances that cannot be cleaned by water. Some of these substances include excess germs and sebum, grime and excess dead cells. 

The powder also has the effect of nourishing sagging and aging skin. Once applied, it tightens the skin and allows for shrinkage of relatively larger pores. This way, the skins looks younger and toned.

Pose petal powder is rich in antioxidants which fight off inflammation. They also enhance the production of collagen alongside strengthening of tissues and skin cells. This improves recovery and healing for facial skin, even in cases of scars and burns. 

How to use Rose Petal Powder

ONLY TO BE USED EXTERNALLY:  Powder can be mixed with small amount of water to make into a paste and applied to a cleansed damp face as a mask. Leave for 30 - 40 minutes and wash off with warm water.

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Jennifer A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Good quality

I just want to say thanks for this amazing powder. Good quality and texture is good too.

Mrs. Paula Sinclair
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Rose petal powder

Excellent ,for your skin on your face it makes it Soft and smooth to touch And it gives you a radiant glow to your skin.

Deanna W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Rose petal mask

Great made my skin feel super fresh

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