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High Strength Pomegranate Extract Capsules 4000mg

8 reviews

Pomegranate Extract Capsules


  • High Strength 45:1 Extract - 4000mg per Capsule

  • Easy to Swallow Tablets

  • Manufactured in the UK


About Pomegranate Extract Capsules

The pomegranate plant (Punica granatum), which produce the versatile pomegranate fruit is a tree that grows up to 5m tall. The deciduous tree has long life and some existing trees live for over 200 years. The fruit, which is the most important plant part, has a unique spherical shape with tough shiny skin and numerous seeds. It also bears red juice and a leathery mesocarp. The major part of the fruit consists of pulp, which is mostly used in juice or dried form. The glossy leaves of the plant also contain considerable amounts of the bioactive constituents. Other plant parts which are used alongside the fruit and flower include the bark, roots and flowers.

The pomegranate plant was initially grow in the Mediterranean zone as this region has the ideal conditions required for the cultivation of the plant. However, in recent time, cultivation of the plant has been tried out in other parts of the world in smaller scale. It is also grown quite widely in Mexico and the United States. Due to proximity, the earliest users of the plant were the Egyptians. Other countries in the Middle East region which also cultivated the fruit crop in large scale included Syria, Iran and Afghanistan and Israel. The pomegranate plant is regarded as one of the oldest fruit crops, alongside figs, olive and grapes, among others.

From Biblical excerpts, it is believed that the fruit was used to by the highest in the society, especially the high priests who led various ceremonies. It is believed that they used the juice from the fruit for various purposes. They believed that drinking the juice obtained from the fruit often represented long life. The fruit, which has a profound spiritual significance, is also mentioned in the Koran. The fruit was also used as a sign of future success, good tidings and luck in difficult situations. Most people therefore took the fruit with them as they embarked on different journeys e.g. war. Also, most people preferred the juice since it was a rapid source of energy. Women also took the fruit as they believed it improved their fertility.

The pomegranate fruit has a rich essence in Greek mythology. The fruit is mentioned severally in various Greek myths, especially those pertaining fertility. The pulp and seeds from the fruit were used to make teas, soups and tinctures. The locals used the extract from the seeds to take care of different health situations e.g. eye and skin inflammation and digestive mishaps e.g. stomach upsets. They believed that the extract had a cleansing effect on their digestive system especially at a a time when most of the foods they took was harvested from the wild. Extract obtained from dried flowers was used on different skin defects especially by the elderly. Pomegranate extract was also recommended for those who had lost their appetite. Most of the traditional applications of the fruit extract still apply to date. It is also used quite widely in the cosmetic and beauty world.

  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on the potential benefits and you may be surprised.

How To Use: We suggest taking 2 tablets a day with water.

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Irene M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Have not been taking these for very long, but so far so good.

Julie H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Good service

Good service, quick delivery, no problems when ordering from the site

Suzie C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Very disappointed to find so many bulking powders.

Very disappointed, I thought your products were pure and have binned them. Your attractive packaging is deceiving!

Raymond H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Together with cranberry it appears to be working, which means I shall soon have to buy some more.

Seems to be the right product, no messy juices.

Mark R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Trying a higher dose found this.

I was taking a lower strength pomegranate extract. I did a bit more research and discovered you do need a higher strength. I am in heart failure I can’t take statins and my lipid consultant wants me to get my cholesterol lower. It’s not sky high they said if I hadn’t had the second heart attack it’s in the normal range. Early days but I am hopeful. I do take prescription medication for my condition just have really bad reaction to statins. Good product and reasonable price delivery good also. Shall be ordering more this week. Many Thanks

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