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Organic Red Maca Powder (Rare Root, Peruvian Ginseng)


Organic Red Maca Powder

About Red Maca

Red Maca Powder is sourced from the maca plant, one of the most popular super foods of recent time. The maca plant is also referred to as Peruvian ginseng in certain parts of the world. The maca plant (Lepidium meyenii Walpers) is quite a unique root vegetable as it has proved to thrive, even in the harshest climatic conditions. The conditions include extreme cold, fierce sunlight, and considerably powerful winds. Also, the plant can grow to altitudes as high as 4500 meters. This is the reason it does quite well in Central Andes, Peru. This is the native origin of the plant as well. The herbaceous plant has been in use for over 2,000 years. The Peruvian highlands are still the largest source of the best quality maca powder.

The Peruvian plant has excellent nutritional properties. The natives came to discover about it after it was tested and it proved to be successful in improving the fertility of animals. Father Cobo is among those credited for popularising the maca plant in the 1600s. He was keen enough and discovered that the plant could survive in conditions where even human beings couldn’t. The resilience demonstrated by the plant even as it grows is what is attributed to most of its superior properties. Also, the maca plant was used in barter trade during the Incan times.

Red Maca powder is obtained after the plant is harvested and dried. Once properly dried and stored, the plant can still keep its vitality many years later. Normally, once the Maca hypocotyls are dried, they become as hard as stone. The dried hypocotyls can also be boiled and eaten as they are edible. The hypocotyls vary in colour and this goes down to a difference in the composition of the secondary metabolites. The hypocotyls are either yellow, white, black, dark purple or red. The method of propagation of the maca plant is by seeds. The maca roots resemble turnips in appearance, and have a flavour that resembles that of radish and butterscotch.

Red maca powder is rich in quite a number of nutrients: essential amino acids, iron and calcium, water, fibre and free fatty acids. It also stands out since it contain quite a number of essential secondary metabolites: glucosinolate, macaene, sterols, macamides among other alkaloids. The high quality protein and iodine in the maca roots make it superior to many other herbal plants. The roots also contain a higher proportion of glucosinolates than other plants in the Brassicaceae family.

Potential Benefits

Red maca powder has numerous health benefits to the human body. One of them is hormonal regulation and balance. Macaenes and macamides present in the powder aid on balancing secretion of hormones in the body. This way many body processes which are hormone-controlled are kept in check. Red maca has the effect of improving fertility for both men and women. In men, it is also associated with improved sperm production and motility. Red maca powder is also used by bodybuilding who intend to add a few pounds of lean muscle. It's gives them extra energy and impacts on their growth hormones as well.

How to use Red Maca Powder

10 - 15 grams a day (1 teaspoon approximately 3 grams), can be mixed into hot or cold water, mixed with milk or honey, blended into smoothies or mixed into foods.

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