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Organic Maitake Mushroom Powder (Immune System, High in Vitamin D)


Organic Maitake Mushroom Powder

About Maitake Mushroom

Maitake mushrooms (Grifola frondosa) are edible fungi which have numerous health benefits to human beings. The mushrooms are regarded as polypores since they form relatively large fruiting bodies using spores. Some people also refer to them as the ‘Dancing Mushroom’, ‘Hen of the Woods’ or ‘King of Mushroom’. ‘Maitake’ is a Japanese term which means dancing. It is believed that the Maitake mushroom was given this specific name since the natives burst out in dance once they discovered of the magical healing properties of the plant. The plant parts which are ground into powder are the fruiting bodies. They are the ones which contain the most important bioactive constituents.

Maitake mushrooms have a pleasant flavour and smooth texture. A fully grown Maitake mushroom can be as big as a basketball. The perennial plants grow best during autumn season. It is mostly located growing on oak, maple, elms, and persimmons, among other trees. Maitake mushrooms are quite specific in terms of how they grow and the specific conditions required for them to grow optimally. They prefer to grow at the base of stumps and on roots on the aforementioned trees. Also, they do so under a specific range of conditions: environmental, moisture, humidity and soil.

Maitake mushrooms are native to Japan. They are also quite popular in China and North America. They have been used in both Japan and China for over 3000 years. The Japanese had deep reverence for the plant and this is attributed to the countless health benefits they enjoyed once they used it. During the ancient times, the natives used it as monetary leverage as they plied their trade. Also, the leaders of the time paid their subjects using the Maitake mushrooms. At some point, they were considered more valuable than silver. To date, Maitake mushroom hunters in Japan and China still hold dearly the essence of the plant in their society. They always make sure they safeguard and protect the exact locations they source the mushrooms by all means. The mushroom foragers passed their expertise through generations, only revealing their secret harvesting sites to their eldest sons through a will. This would only happen after they had died.

Potential Benefits

Maitake Mushroom powder has robust antioxidant properties. The phytonutrients attributed to most of the health benefits of Maitake mushroom powder are referred to as beta-glucans. The mushrooms also contain other antioxidants, fiber, vitamins B & C, amino acids and minerals e.g. potassium. As an adaptogen, the bioactive compounds present in the mushrooms enable the body return to homeostasis. All these constituents contribute differently to the array of benefits.

Maitake mushrooms are attributed with contributing to weight loss. They have relatively low calorie content. They are high in fiber therefore they bring a feeling of satiety and fullness once taken. In this state, one won’t have to keep eating every so often. The mechanisms of action of beta-glucans present in Maitake mushrooms entail strengthening the immunity system by stimulating the immune responses. The body is able to react better and in a swifter way in case of attack by disease-causing organisms.

How to use Maitake

4 - 6 grams a day, can be made into a hot tea, mixed int stews and soups or smoothies, but can also add to smoothies, or just mixed with water.

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