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Organic Bacopa Monnieri Powder (Brain Health, Cognition)

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Organic Brahmi Powder


  • Revered Asian Herb

  • Also Known as  Bacopa Monnieri 

  • Traditionally Used in Ayurveda

About Brahmi

The brahmi plant scientifically referred to as Bacopa monnieri is a tiny creeping perennial plant that grows quite extensively in the Asian continent. Other common terms used to refer to the plant include Indian pennywort, water hyssop and the herb of grace, among others. The plant, which gives rise to brahmi powder, belonged to the family Scrophulariaceae before it was recently shifted into the family Plantaginaceae i.e. the plantain family. Brahmi is native to the tropical regions of India and Sri Lanka but is now widely grown in the wetlands of Pakistan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa and Nigeria. Brahmi powder has a bitter and sour taste when ingested. In certain regions, the inhabitants prefer taking the flowers and fruit in its fresh form. The plant parts with the highest proportions of bioactive ingredients are leaves and stems.
The brahmi plant has several branches with tiny egg-shaped leaves that are lined adjacently to one another. The flowers are small and light blue in colour. In other regions, the colour ranges between white and violet. The flowers are pointed and comprise of five petals. The whole plant is sun-dried and stone-ground to come up with brahmi powder. The processing and refining into powder form is ensured through mechanical processes. Synthesising the powder through chemical means is inexpensive and could also alter the structure of the powder.

The brahmi plant can grow in varied climates and soil conditions. It can grow in light black soils, sandy soils, and sandy loam soils. However, it thrives in sub-tropical regions and soils that are poorly drained or waterlogged which are slightly acidic. High temperatures ranging from 33-40°c favour its rapid growth. The humidity should be between 65 and 80 %. Despite its biodiversity, the succulent plant prefers to grow in environments with plenty of water e.g. swamps, ponds, river beds, tidal lands, and wetlands in both tropical and semitropical regions. The plant can also grow along wells and boreholes, irrigated lands, and streams. Plant cuttings are usually 5 cm long and consist of nodes, roots and a couple of leaves. Irrigation should also take place after transplanting. The land is flooded once every 7 to 8 days. The seedlings are transplanted in moist soil at a spacing of 40cm between each column and 40 cm between each row. The ideal time for planting is in March through to June to allow the plant to utilize the monsoon to the fullest for its growth. The crops are harvested between October and November. 

Brahmi has a rich history that spans more than 3000 years ago. It is a revered herb as documented in ancient Indian texts. The earliest documentation on the plant states that the word Brahmi comes from the word Brahma, the Hindu god who created the universe. Brahmi means “supreme reality knowledge”. It has also been mentioned in Ancient texts like, the Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita which dates back to the third century AD. Brahma formulations were believed to extensively used to clear the mind and improve concentration. Brahmi was also popularised by intellectuals in their respective societies. Juice and paste obtained from squeezing the succulent leaves and stems was applied on aching joints, inflamed muscles and burnt skin. In Nepal, brahmi juice was a favourite for women who have just given birth. Boiled leaves were also token on a regular by individuals who had a stuttering problem. 

  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on the potential benefits and you may be surprised.

Please read our interesting article about how Brahmi improves cognitive performance and brain health!

 How to use:

We suggest taking 1/2 a teaspoon up to 4 times a day, you can mix the powder with water, in juices or smoothies.  

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Heather M.
United Kingdom

Happy so far

I have been taking Brahmi powder for three days now and have noticed a considerable difference. I feel much more calmer and relaxed. I sleep more easily at night. I will definitely be ordering it again in the future.

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