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Neem Capsules - Full Spectrum (High Strength, Antimicrobial)

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Neem Capsules Full Spectrum Capsules 600mg

Each Vegan HPMC capsule contains:
Organic Neem Powder 600mg

We manufacture our capsules on our own machines, we do not use any fillers or flowing agents in these capsules, they are 100% CLEAN and SAFE and suitable for vegans.

The neem tree, scientifically referred to as (Azadirachta indica), is one of the most popular medicinal plants of modern time. The tree, is in the same family as the mahogany tree, can also be referred to as the “village pharmacy”, “Margosa”, or “Indian Lilac”. The scientific name of the neem tree, Azadirachta indica, is a Persian term which means “the free tree of India”. The United Nations has declared the tree as the “tree of the 21st century” due to its vasu uses in present times. The tree has a rich history in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Unani medicine and it has been in use for over 4500 years. The earliest use of the neem tree can be traced back to early civilisation, in the Indian Harappa culture.

The fast-growing neem tree is quite tall and can grow to a height of 20-23 meters. The leaves of the neem tree are the most commonly used plant parts. However, there are other plant parts which are equally useful and they also contain sizeable amounts of the useful phytochemicals: bark, oil, flowers, roots, fruits and neem seeds. The neem tree is quite resilient and it thrives in relatively harsh conditions. It grows best in tropical and subtropical climates hence the reason why it is native to the Indian subcontinent. It has been grown for thousands of years in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. In the recent past, the tree has also been widely cultivated in the Caribbean, South East Asia, certain parts of South and Central America. In Africa, it is widely grown in West Africa, within the belt of Sahara desert.

The neem tree is quite popular due to its antioxidant and therapeutic properties. It contains quite a number of bioactive compounds which are attributed to these properties: azadirachtin, nimbin, nimbidin, nimbidol, nimbanene, nimbolide, and quercetin, among many others. The neem tree and its derivatives are quite popular for their wide array of beauty, hygiene and health uses. Traditionally, the natives dipped the neem leaves in bathing water and used the water for various skin conditions. This helped their skin remain youthful, smooth and supple. They used the plant products to control pimples, acne, eczema and skin rashes. The benefits of the neem tree were extended to livestock as well. The locals used the bark, seeds and leaves from the tree to come up with various animal products. The products were also used to come up with fertiliser and pesticides which would improve growth of crops and control pest infestation respectively. 

Potential Benefits

Neem capsules have excellent health boosting properties. The derivatives of the neem tree have been used over the years to come up with impressive skin care products. The compounds contained in the products have restorative effects therefore they help skin that has spots, blemishes, burns, cuts and other flaws, go back to its initial flawless state. The compounds also help in moistening dry skin. The anti-fungal antibacterial properties of the neem capsules ensure it controlling numerous pathogenic diseases as well as strengthening the immune system. The capsules are helpful in oral care as they lead to improved gum health and a solid dental formation.

How to use: We suggest taking 2 - 3 capsules daily with water .

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William G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Quick delivery

As I have only just started Neem it’s to early to make a judgement of supplement. Hence the 4 star review. 5 star for service.

Tina P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fast service

Great customer service- delivered very quickly

Shaima P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Good quality

Good for skin problems

Lisa G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great product and prompt delivery

Very good. No problems. Prompt delviery. Will definitely buy again. Neem is a product I trust enormously. Thank you !

Mohd J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Haven’t used it yet

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