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Organic Moringa Oleifera Powder

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Organic Moringa Powder

  • Certified Organic by Organic Food Federation

  • Great Addition to Curries and Soups

  • Premium Moringa Leaf 

About Moringa

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is a fast-growing evergreen tree that is majorly cultivated in the tropical and subtropical regions. The plant whose parts are processed into moringa powder has its roots in the Sub-Himalayan region of North India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Over time, cultivation has slowly spread to other parts of Asia, South America and West Africa. Other common terms used to refer to the tree are drumstick or horseradish. It belongs to a monogeneric family, Moringaceae and genus moringa that has thirteen other different species. The genus name moringa comes from the Tamil word ‘murungai’ which means twisted pod. The species name oleifera comes from two Latin words ‘oleum’ meaning oil and ‘ferre’ meaning bear.

The moringa tree is small, deciduous and grows 6-10m in height. Interestingly, it can grow up to 4m and start fruiting within the first year. It can adapt to a variety of tough environments. It has deep and massive tap roots that enable it to tolerate long dry seasons. The branches are feeble and hung with hairy foliage. The bark is greyish and has a thick cork. Moringa has green alternated leaves that bear an elliptical shape. Its flowers are white and elongated. Its fruits are green, cylindrical pods that resemble a drumstick (giving rise to the name drumstick tree). The fruits split open when they mature to reveal centred seeds. The crown of the tree is usually spread out like an umbrella hence their suitability in forming relatively good shades. Moringa powder is obtained from naturally dried and crushed moringa leaves. Moringa thrives at altitudes of about 600m. However, it has been shown to still grow at high altitudes of above 1000m e.g. at the Himalayas Mountains, and up to 1900m in parts of East and Central Africa. It is tolerant of drought conditions and adapts by reducing the amount of foliage it produces. Moringa thrives in soils with different pH ranges. However, they have a low tolerance for poorly drained soils. Temperatures ranging from 25 to 30°c favour its growth while low temperatures affect the young plant adversely. The optimum annual rainfall for the growth of the moringa tree is between 1000-2000mm. They also require plenty of sunlight for optimal growth.

The use of moringa dates back to 150BC where it was applied on the skin and hair by ancient Indian tribes. Moringa is believed to have originated in Oudh and Agra, India in the Southern part of the Himalayas. It has been mentioned in the ancient text Shushruta Sanhita which was documented in the first century. There is sufficient evidence that Indians have been cultivating it for over 5000 years and using it as a food crop. Indian Maurian warriors often took the leaf extract of the Moringa tree as they sought a substance that would increase their energy levels and suppress pain during war. These are the same warriors who conquered the revered ‘Alexander the Great’. It was also ancient to Greece, the Roman Empire and Egypt where it was considered a very valuable plant. Ancient Egyptian writings dating back to 2475 BC recorded that an oil called Baqet was regularly imported from Asia. Egyptians used this oil for cooking and as a fragrance in perfumes. In the past, the Roman Empire also used the oil obtained from moringa seeds in their beauty creams and ointments.

  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on the potential benefits and you may be surprised.

How to use

We suggest taking 1/2 to 4 teaspoons per day, you can mix the powder with hot or cold water, in juices or smoothies, mixed with food or take as directed by your healthcare practitioner,


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Jennifer M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Organic Moringa Oleifera Powder

Always an excellent product and very good for keeping Blood Pressure down.

Mark J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Not received this item. Still awaiting.

Linda G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Organic Moringa Powder.

Perfect, thank you.

Michelle J.
United Kingdom

Great quality Moringa

I started with 50g and returned to buy the 500g pack. I have also been recommended your Moringa to several other people. During the first week of taking it I experienced intense detox symptoms so I would recommend starting on a low dosage like a 1/4 teaspoon for the first week and building up to to 1 teaspoon or more over a period of time. So far, I have noticed I have a lot more energy! I mix a teaspoon of Moringa powder either into a normal cuppa tea or mix with lemon and honey in a mug of hot water. My husband has it in his smoothie and my 4 yr old daughter in warm milk with her cereal.

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