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Moringa Capsules 500mg (Strong & Effective)

7 reviews

Moringa Capsules

  • 100% Moringa in a Vegan HPMC Capsule, No Fillers

  • Traditionally Used in Ayurveda

  • Known as Tree of Life

About Moringa

The moringa plant (Moringa oleifera) is a drought-resistant plant that grows quite rapidly. Moringa is classified under the family Moringaceae which is composed of 13 different species of tropical trees. These species originated in the Indian sub-continent and various regions in Africa. Some of the countries where the tree is grown on a large scale include India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and the U.S. This plant is commonly referred to as the horse-radish tree, ben oil tree, divine tree West Indian ben tree, benzoil tree, wonder tree, miracle tree, or drumstick tree. More local names for the Moringa tree are Mlonge, Marango, Kelor, Malunggay, Zogale, Muringueiro, Maranga, Acacia-branca, and Paraiso blanco.

The deciduous moringa tree is medium in size and can attain a height of between 10-13m after it has matured fully. The top of the tree is shaped like an umbrella. The tree has extensive roots which play a crucial role in obtaining nutrients from the soil. Its branches are feeble and have feather-like foliage hanging from them. The bark tough and greyish. The leaves are compound. They are each placed on the stalk alternately. The 6 leaflets on each pinnate are ovate and bright green. The flowers are cream in colour and grow to about 1.4 cm in length and 2.0 cm wide. They grow in clusters on a single hairy stalk. The fruits are capsules that are divided into 3 compartments. The fruits are popularly called “pods” and resemble drumsticks, the reason for the name drumstick tree. These pods are green when they are young and light brown when fully mature. The fruit splits along the middle once mature exposing oily seeds which are circled by a white paper-like substance. These plants thrive in tropical and subtropical areas. They grow well-drained soils that are only acidic to a small extent. All parts of this plant are edible and are cultivated as a food source in many countries. In some countries in Africa and Asia, the leaves and fruits are boiled for soup or prepared like vegetables. Moringa capsules are made by filling empty capsules with gently dried moringa leaves. Other useful plant parts of the moringa tree include roots, stems, barks, seed pods, resin, and flowers. 

The use of Moringa can be traced back to 150 B.C. in the region south of the Himalayas. It is believed that ancient Indians cultivated this plant as a food crop. Evidence also suggests that their kings and queens took concoctions made from moringa fruits and leaves to keep their skin smooth and supple. They also believed that taking these concoctions would boost their mental awareness and well-being. Ancient myths claim that an extract from the leaves of the moringa plant was given to Maurian warriors of India to make them stronger and prevent them from feeling any pain. Roman texts suggest that these warriors led to the unexpected downfall of the famous Alexander the Great. With all the virility they gained from drinking the moringa leaf extract, they were able to overpower Alexander’s men in several battles spanning two years. Ancient Romans and Egyptians also used oil that they had obtained from the seeds of the moringa fruits to make perfumes and body lotions.

  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on the potential benefits and you may be surprised.

How to use: We suggest taking 4 - 6 capsules daily with water (we recommend starting with 2 capsules daily and work way up to 6 capsules over the course of 2 weeks)


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United Kingdom United Kingdom
Arrived Quickly & Well Packaged

Only just started taking so can't say much about the benefits of the product yet! But after doing lots of research I found this company to be the best price & then the product arrived quickly & was well packaged so happy with the company in that regard!

Julie B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Good product, use daily

Patricia M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Excellent Supplement

Easy to swallow high quality supplement. I would recommend this supplement and I will be buying it again as it has helped the pain I suffer from because of arthritis This supplement is also good for stomach problems too and a few other conditons

Ann N.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Super efficient

Excellent. My skin has improved and I have less lines. Would highly recommend.

marion e.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Wonderful, effective Moringa!

Cant do without them, R A pain is so much more improved!

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