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Organic Manjistha Powder (Detox, Ayurvedic Blood Purifier)


Organic Manjistha Powder

Manjistha, whose botanical name is Rubia cordifolia, is a common Ayurvedic herb which has been in use for quite a long time. It is also referred to as Indian madder. The term “Manjistha” in a Sanskrit term which means “bright red” implying the effect it has on the blood and the circulatory system at large. Internally, the pigmentation in the powder is responsible for the red color in both urine and breast milk. 

The Manjistha plant which which gives rise to the tonic powder is in the same family with coffee (Rubiaceae). The Manjitsha plant is quite tall and the height could go up to 1.5 meters as it is a perennial climber. The plant, native to Southeastern Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa, normally blooms yellow flowers which are quite small in size; on the other hand, the resulting berries have a bitter-sweet taste. The natural red color of the berries form the super herb is used in the generation of red coloration and the dyes that result are referred to as rose madder and Turkey red. The roots that are suitable for making the dye are harvested after three years or more since older plants are bound to produce more dye. The roots are harvested in autumn after all the aerial plants of the plant have withered. The coloring agents from the Manjistha plant have been used for the longest time to dye clothes. 

The roots of the Manjistha plant have immense medicinal value and they are later dried and ground to give rise to the extract. The most prominent use of Manjistha is in detoxifying and cleansing the systems within the body. The herb is quite unique since it displays both soma (cooling) and agni (heating) properties; it has boosting as well as suppressing effects. Taking the powder increases your energy levels and leaves your rejuvenated for the activities ahead. It can be combined with honey for superior properties. The powder has been used for cosmetic purpose for the longest time. It is a component in organic oils applied on skin and hair.  

Benefits of Manjistha powder

The detoxification and purification of Manjistha powder leads to a healthy, spot free and smooth skin. The antioxidant an anti-inflammatory effects of the powder trickle all the way to the skin. The skin looks youthful and it is clear of undue wrinkles and fine lines. Manjistha also contributes to a balance in skin pigmentation. It has the effect of lowering melanin levels released and deposited on the skin. 

Manjistha powder acts as a lymph mover and thus enhance circulation. It is also used to boost slow blood circulation. It is quite effective in aiding the lymphatic system get rid of toxics which build up in the body. It has the ability to open up blockages as well as take care of stagnation throughout the circulatory and lymphatic system. 

Manjistha powder is also applied on the scalp and on hair for smooth, healthy and shiny hair. It also boosts the growth of hair as well. It is used alongside other products e.g. amla powder or eater after which the mixture is applied for healthy hair. 

How to take Manjistha Powder

1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon  once or twice a day. Can be mixed with hot or cold water, in juices or added to smoothies. Can also be mixed with water making into a paste and apply to scalp, hair or face.

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