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Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Capsules With Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C + E

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Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Capsules


  • With added Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C + E

  • Marine Type 1 Collagen

  • Easy to Swallow Capsules

About Marine Collagen

Hydrolysed marine collagen is sourced from fish or other marine sources e.g. cod and snapper. It is then broken down into smaller units of protein peptides through hydrolysis for it to be digested easily by the body. Marine collagen has a complex structure and therefore requires further break down by hydrolysis for ingestion and absorption into the bloodstream to be possible.The word collagen is derived from the Greek word “kola” meaning glue. Collagen was heated and used as glue more than 5,000 years ago. Collagen makes up 25-35% of the total percentage of proteins found in our bodies and that of other mammals. 

Marine collagen is the preferred in the human body since it is the most bioavailable source of collagen compared to all other sources of the compound. This makes it the best to replace the collagen reserves which deplete with age. Hydrolysed marine collagen is classified as type I collagen, which is absorbed more efficiently due to the size of the peptide particles. Their reduced size also means that they have reduced molecular weight. Marine collagen contains complex block components acids that are wound together to help strengthen the fibrous connective tissue located in different parts of the body i.e. skin, bones, hair, tendons, blood vessels, nails, and muscles. 

Before researchers and scientists sought collagen from marine sources, they used collagen that was sourced from animals that walked on land. Since long ago, people have been extracting collagen from porcine bone broth or bovine and consuming it with the belief that it benefited their bodies in different ways. The porcine bone broth was sourced from pigs. Pig, rabbit, duck, and chicken skin, cartilage, and waste were viable sources of collagen as well. During the 12th century, Scholar Hildegard von Bigen and Abbess examined animal tissue extracts and also prescribed broth from the feet of calves which contained collagen in large amounts, this was given to people to help with their joint and limb complications. The downside of the non-marine sources was there was a higher risk of contracting animal-borne diseases, hence the suitability of marine sources. 

From the word go, tilapia fish (Oreochromis aureus) topped the list as the biggest source of marine collagen since its processing produced the biggest amount of waste i.e. scales, skin, and cartilage. Meat from the fish also contains marine collagen but in lesser amounts. Other sources that were explored later on and proved to be reliable sources of the collagen include cod, snapper, jellyfish, Pollock, herring, mackerel, and haddock. Obtaining fish waste to process hydrolysed marine collagen, deep seas, and oceans are preferred as it is believed that they are in contact with way fewer antibiotics, chemicals, and hormones that could alter their structure and composition, as compared to domesticated fish. Manufacturing of hydrolysed collagen on an industrial scale first commenced in the mid-20th century. It was also used during meat production as a water binder. At the onset of the ‘70s, people began to replace fat and sugar with collagen in most of their dietary products. That was when it gained a significant amount of traction as a high protein value provider. Most people who had allergies or disliked bovine and pig meat, e.g. for religious reasons, could take the hydrolysed marine collagen. 

  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on potential benefits and you may be surprised.

How to use: We suggest taking 2 capsules daily with water

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Will W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Very good. I recommend Health Essentials to everyone.

Irene M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Easy to swallow.

I've not taken these for very long, however, I have had no reflux taking them - they seem to do what they're supposed to do. Good packaging, easy for the postman/woman to put through the letter box.

Amanda S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Excellent product

Katalin G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I haven’t received!!!!!!

Linda p.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I have only used them for a week and have already seen a difference.

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