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Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Powder (Immunity, Energy)


Certified Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 

The amazing Cordyceps mushroom surprised the world in Asian games of 1993 when two Chinese athletes smashed the world record by a huge margin. When they were asked about the reason behind their success they named Cordyceps mushroom the caterpillar fungus that helped them to improve their stamina.


So what’s Cordyceps Mushroom really is?

Cordyceps is a type of edible fungus. It has a lot of nutritional elements to support mental & physical strength and features many other health benefits as well.

Traditionally, the Cordyceps fungus is found on high mountains of China and in other high mountains such as Himalayas and Tibetans plateau.


This mushroom is found in plentiful quantity in Tibet. In Tibet, it is known as Yartsa Gunbu. The Tibetans came to know about the power of Cordyceps mushroom while grazing their sheep & goats on mountains. The sheep and goats that ate Cordyceps mushroom became quite strong after eating this mushroom. Seeing its benefits in animals, people started using this herb and attained amazing results.


How does Cordyceps Mushroom form?

Being a parasite, Cordyceps resides over mountains and gradually enters the body of a caterpillar. It eventually dies inside the soil and when summer comes it regenerates itself from caterpillar’s head and appears like an orange finger.


How to use

We recommend taking 2 - 5 grams a day mixed with hot or cold water, juices or blended into smoothies or food or made into a tea, 

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