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Organic Blue Green Algae Complex Capsules

5 reviews

Blue Green Algae Complex Capsules


Packed full of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids
Each Vegan HPMC capsule contains:
Organic Spirulina Powder 250mg
Organic Cracked Cell Wall Chlorella Powder 250mg
Organic Peruvian Camu Camu Berry Powder 125mg

We manufacture our capsules on our own machines, we do not use any fillers or flowing agents in these capsules, they are 100% CLEAN and SAFE and suitable for vegans.

About Blue Green Algae Complex

Blue green algae complex capsules (mixture of spirulina, chlorella and camu camu powder)The blue green algae complex capsules contain a mixture of the three superfoods spirulina, cracked cell wall chlorella and Peruvian camu camu powder. Each superfood contributes different qualities to the algae complex mixture. Collectively, the three components have profound blood cleansing properties. They get rid of free radicals and toxic elements that are bound to result to illnesses. As superfoods, the capsules may also boost energy levels within the body. The complex capsules also boost immunity as well as helping keep off allergies. Spirulina is a single-celled blue-green micro-algae that is sourced from biomass cyanobacteria. Its earliest use can be traced back to the Aztec people, especially during emperor Montezuma’s reign. Spirulina is mostly found freely growing in water bodies e.g. lakes and ponds. The ideal conditions for its growth are a relatively warm water that is highly concentrated with mineral salts, with an alkaline PH. It contains relatively high proportions of certain beneficial nutrients. These include vegetable protein, essential fatty acids, minerals e.g. iron, and specific bioactive compounds e.g. carotenoids. It is one of the best superfoods on accounts of its nutritional value. Spirulina plays a key role in regulating various metabolic processes, with the help of hormones and enzymes. It also plays a key role in ensuring proper heart health.

Chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) is a green single-celled algae that is mostly obtained from fresh water sources. The plant’s earliest use is traced back to ancient Japan and China. To date, Taiwan, formerly known as Fomora Island, is still the world’s greatest producer of Chlorella. The traditional healers at the time used Chlorella to treat numerous conditions. The superfood contains higher proportions of nutrients than some of the most common greens e.g. broccoli, spinach and kale. Chlorella has a high proportion of vegetable proteins; they constitute half its molecular weight. The algae also contains high amounts of chlorophyll; the pigment is a strong antioxidant and comes in handy in boosting the immune system. The vitamin constitution plays a key role in boosting digestion, especially vitamin B12 which is a special diet addition for vegans and vegetarians. The fibers and chlorophyll in chlorella also aid the body get rid of impurities including heavy toxic metals. It also help in keeping the right amounts of the appropriate gut microbiota.

Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a fruit that is native to the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon rainforest. It contains the highest known natural source of vitamin C, way beyond the amounts contained in oranges, lemons or any other fruit. Also, different parts of the fruit contain varying amounts of antioxidant: pulp, skin and seeds. The fruit grows from the camu camu plant which is a short shrubby plant that grows to an average height of 1-3 meters. The plant is commonly found in flooded, swampy regions. The fruit is quite acidic therefore it is impractical to take it in its natural state. The camu camu fruit is quite rich in such minerals as sodium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and copper, among others. It is also rich in quite a number of bioactive compounds especially polyphenols: flavonoids, phenolic acids, and tannins. It also contains traces of starch, amino acids, fatty acids and organic acids. Some of the most popular health benefits of camu camu include lowering inflammation in the body. The fruits also help reduce oxidative stress which is in most cases associated with tissue damage. Inflammation is associated with premature aging in the long run.

How to use: We suggest taking 4 - 6 capsules daily

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paul b.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Blue Green Algae

Having to take 4-6 capsules didnt last as kong as I thought.?. Also I found this product not as effective as taking Spirulina, and Cholorella together as I do. So I have re ordered the SP and CH.

Ausra m.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing product good quality

Andy P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Always efficient service

Adrian G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom day delivered day delivered

mr r.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
good product

very good product and the price too, arrived very quick will buy again.

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