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Organic Baobab Powder (Superior Grade, South African Super Fruit)


Organic Baobab Powder

Organic Baobab powder is obtained from the Baobab fruit which can be found even in the driest and most remote parts of the earth. Termed as the fruit of Africa’s ‘Tree of Life’, it is one of its kind since it is the only one that has the ability to dry naturally on the tree branch while still remaining useful. It is able to thrive in the harsh Sub-Saharan climate present in most countries in the African continent. The climate in the African savannah grasslands is quite dry and very few forms of vegetative life can survive such. 

To obtain the powder, the baobab fruits are dried by exposing them to sunlight for about 6 months after which the green, prickly, velvet-like coating transforms into a smooth, brown, hard shell. The sapless beige pulp is extracted from the outer casing using mechanical means and it has zero moisture. Baobab is unique in its own way since it has an innate service life of 3 years hence zero additives/preservatives are incorporated into the final baobab fruit pulp powder. The latter has a pleasant tasty aroma which resembles that of citrus fruits. The powder also has about 50% fiber and contains quite a large number of antioxidants. Baobab contains both soluble and insoluble fiber both of which are beneficial to the body in different measure. In comparison to all other fruits, it has the most dominant amount of antioxidants.  The fine Baobab powder is is a mash up of fiber and a couple of antioxidants.

Benefits of organic baobab powder

The baobab powder contains high proportions of vitamin C and hence is instrumental in rapid as well as elongated discharge of energy, development of a strong immune system as well as maintenance of blooming skin. With slow yet constant energy dispensation, the latter sustains you for longer and you won’t get exhausted fast. The power is more bioavailable and healthier than other synthesised vitamin supplements; this means that the uptake and absorption by the body will be higher. The organic powder is helpful to men, women as well as children of all ages. 

Organic Baobab powder is alkaline in nature and you can tell this even from the taste. It is among the most alkaline foods and hence can be ingested when you want to maintain stable body PH levels. Some people actually mix the powder in their protein shakes just before and after working out. A combination of the vitamin C and the alkalinity make sure you don’t experience increased sourness after working hence better post exercise muscle recovery. 

Women can also take organic Baobab powder in controlled amounts during pregnancy. The powder aids the body metabolism especially in production of collagen. The structural protein is essential for the wholesome growth of a normal baby during pregnancy. Developing organs inside the baby’s body require collagen as they grow. The vitamin C present in organic Baobab powder also helps pregnant women absorb iron better. For this reason, the women will avoid complications that comes with lacking sufficient iron within their system. The fiber present in the Baobab powder aids in bowel movements during pregnancy. Also, once the child has been done the powder aids n fighting the fatigue that comes with harbouring the pregnancy and delivering a newborn

How To Take

5 grams a day (1 heaped teaspoon) mixed with hot or cold water, mixed with milk or honey, added into juices, blended into smoothies or mixed into foods. Or take as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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