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Pure Baobab Capsules 500mg (Superior Grade, South African Super Fruit)

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Pure Baobab Capsules 500mg

  • Pure Baobab, Nothing Else Added

  • African Super Fruit

  • Vegan HPMC Capsules

Ingredients: Baobab Powder 500mg, Vegan HPMC Capsule

About Baobab

Baobab capsules are sourced from the baobab fruit which grows off the deciduous baobab tree, of genus Adansonia. The tree is native to Africa, Madagascar and Australia. The most popular baobab tree species is Adansonia digitita. The relatively large tree can grow to a maximum of 30 meters. The baobab fruit has brown to yellow colour and an oval shape. Once peeled, there is pulp and seeds underneath, these are dried and ground into powder. The pulp is rich in different nutrients. The fruit has a hard shell, similar to that of a coconut. It is also referred to as cream of tartar fruit or monkey bread in certain parts of the world. The pulpy baobab fruit has a rich flavour which resembles that of the citrus fruit. The parts of the fruit which are harvested to make up baobab capsules include the pulp and seeds. The leaves of the baobab tree also contain a considerable amount of nutrients. 

Traditionally, the baobab tree was referred to as the ‘tree of life’. Before it was discovered and domesticated, the tree grew in the wild. The deciduous tree has a long lifespan and can live up to 3,000 years. The baobab fruit has a rich history that spans over hundreds of years. The baobab fruit was used as a trade item. In the 16th century, it was commonly purchased by slave caravans that hailed from Sudan, once they arrived in Egypt. Most of these caravans were headed to Europe. The huge baobab trees were also used as landmarks due to their large size. The densely-packed fruit was a popular food especially in the traditional African society. The baobab fruit is tough and can survive relatively harsh climatic conditions. Most people associate its versatility and robust uses to the toughness it exhibits as it is growing. It is considered special by many as it is the only fruit that dries off and still remains on its branches. What changes is the texture of the fruit coating, from a soft velvety casing to a relatively hard shell. Alongside being used as a food, the powder from the fruit and oil from the seeds were also used in the beauty world. Women applied to their skin for smooth texture skin. Also, the edible leaves from the baobab tree were eaten as vegetables. 

The powder obtained from the baobab fruit is best consumed if it is accompanied by a food recipe or drink e.g. smoothie or porridge. To date, the baobab fruit has been used in coming up with different products including yoghurt, cereal, juices, snacks, and smoothies, among other foods and drinks. Also, the baobab fruit is a favourite amongst vegans as they are able to derive considerable amounts of calcium from it. Baobab powder used to process baobab capsules, tablets, among other usable forms, is in its natural purest form. The powder dries off while it is in the fruit casing therefore it doesn’t need other mechanical means to dry further e.g. freeze-drying or spray-drying. Baobab powder has a relatively long shelf life therefore it can be used for a considerable amount of time. 
  • Please note it is against MHRA guidelines for us to talk about any potential health benefits for this supplement however a quick google search on the potential benefits and you may be surprised.

How To Use: We suggest taking 2 - 3 capsules a day with water.

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Peter W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Good service

I was very pleased with the speed of delivery and the Baobab capsules appear to be working as hoped. I'm glad I bought them.

Dinah C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I haven't had any change yet to my system. Hopefully soon

Debbie S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


It works for my swollen tummy it stops it from swelling

Debbie S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Stops bloating

Love it this item really work's for me

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