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Black Maca Capsules Strong 700mg (Peruvian Ginseng)

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Black Maca Capsules

Highest quality CLEAN Black Maca capsules, 700mg a capsule, up to 3 daily bringing a total of 2,100 mg of Maca, we use our infamous PROVEN certified organic black Maca powder in these capsules, we manufacture our capsules on our own machines, we do not use any fillers or flowing agents in these capsules, they are 100% CLEAN and SAFE and suitable for vegans. 

Black maca is the most rarest and sought after of all the colur maca roots due to the higher level of anthocyanin levels

How to use: We suggest taking 2 - 3 capsules daily with water 

About Black Maca

The earliest use of black maca can be traced back to thousands of years ago. The Maca plant (Lepidium meyenii) came off as a special species from the word go. This is due to the fact that it had the ability to grow in the most severe and surreal conditions, for a plant that was consumed by humans. The plant, also referred to as Peruvian ginseng, belongs to the Brassicaceae family alongside cabbage, turnips, radishes and kale, among others. Also, it thrives best in altitudes that range from 3500-4500m. As soon as the Maca crop is harvested, it is placed under sunlight so that it can dry. This way it could stay for longer without losing its vitality. Traditionally, the drying process of the maca roots was done at relatively high latitudes in the Andes plains. The fleshy hypotocyl becomes quite hard when it is dried. When the natives needed to use the hypotocyl, they boiled it and took the syrup the obtained from it. 

Black maca has a mix of different tastes. It has a profound sweet taste and a lesser bitter taste. The growth cycle of black Maca is carried forward through propagation where the seedlings from the parent plant are used. The taproot system of the Maca plant varies in size and shape. The differences are determined by a set of predisposed factors Also, there are different varieties of Maca which vary in root colour. Some of these colours include red, cream, yellow, purple and black. The difference in colour is majorly attributed to the difference in concentration in anthocyanin levels.

Maca has been put to use for the longest especially by the Andean people. These are the natives who resided in the mountainous Andes regions in Bolivia and Peru. In recent years, the popularity and cultivation of the Maca plant has also increased in Brazil and Argentina. The individuals who included the plant in their regular diet consumed it as it helped them in various ways. It helped their bodies adapt to the extremely harsh living conditions they were exposed to. These include intense cold, low oxygen concentrations, fierce winds and overall, very unstable weather patterns.

The Spanish were among the first people to explore the benefits of the Maca plant. Francisco Pizzaro is among the famous people who led these efforts. He was the famous conquistador who conquered the Incan Empire as the Spanish went into a battle to conquer and acquire South America, Peru included. The path they took was very unprecedented. They tried out the plant quite randomly after they noticed their horses were having a hard time adapting to the harsh climatic conditions in Peru. After they saw how massively the maca plant improved the condition of their horses, they decided to try it out themselves. The results were quite incredible as well.

Black Maca has a variety of applications. The herbal extract from the dried Maca roots is bound to improve one’s mood. The plant contains bioactive compounds referred to as flavonoids. The compounds contribute to release of ‘happy’ hormones referred to as endorphins. Maca also improves skin health as it helps protect it against the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

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United Kingdom United Kingdom

Really good. I have only started taking them but can already feel a difference

Dax. Kowalski
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent. No delays, no mistake, no noise, no stress. 100% efficient and reliable. Great products too. God bless.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Good quality

Notice it working after first use

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