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Vitamin D D3 3000iu/75ug - Max Strength - Immune System Support, Bone Health

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Vitamin D3 3000iu / 75ug (Cholecalciferol) tablets

High strength 1 a day Vitamin D3 3000iu / 75ug essential winter sunshine vitamin to support normal functioning of the immune system and help support normal maintenance of bones

About Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, is a fat-soluble vitamin that is obtained from animal sources. The vitamin, which is found in the skin, is highly soluble in fats and oils but insoluble in water. It is also freely soluble in such organic solvents as ethanol. Vitamin D3, which exists in powder form, is sensitive and highly susceptible to denaturation. The powder is white to yellow in colour. This especially applies when it is exposed to too much light heat, light, and air. Structurally, the vitamin is made up of odourless and colourless crystals. The melting point of vitamin D3 is about 83-84°C. Some of the most common animal products that contain vitamin D3 include egg yolk, milk, liver, butter, and fish oil. Lanolin from sheep wool also falls in this category. Vitamin D3 sourced from poultry is ranked as having higher efficacy than that sourced from mammals e.g. cows and pigs. The human body is able to synthesise its own vitamin D3 through exposure to sunlight. However, most people do not come into contact with enough sunlight for enough time. This especially applies to those people who work in closed spaces or spend too much time indoors, as opposed to the outside. Also, countries farther away from the equator receive very little sunlight. There is hardly any sunlight for these countries, especially in the winter season. Equally, infants who are being breastfed do not obtain enough vitamin D3 from breast milk. This way, such groups of people fail to meet the body requirements for vitamin D3, hence the need to supplement it from a diet containing particular animal products. 

Synthesis of vitamin D3 takes place on account of ultraviolet B radiation from sunlight prompting a compound in the skin referred to as 7-dehydrocholesterol. The metabolisation process takes place in the liver and kidney during which the precursor compound is converted to active forms. At this point, the active forms are usable in various capacities within the body. Vitamin D plays a key role in the absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus within the body. When blood levels of the two minerals are unusually low, the vitamin triggers their release from the bones after which they are absorbed in the intestines and kidneys. The vitamin also contributes to healthy and strong bones and muscles. Vitamin D also results strengthens the immune, and nervous system. The vitamin contains receptors that ensure that there is prompt and precise communication between these systems which is essential for proper reaction and response in cases of abnormalities. 

The earliest identification of vitamin D was in the 16th century, in the era when childhood rickets was discovered. It is during this era that researchers and scientists discovered that the body could produce its own vitamin D upon exposure to sunlight. Europe was hard hit by rickets, alongside other conditions such as scurvy and beriberi. However, upon exposure to sunlight and feeding on certain types of foods, the numbers of those who suffered from rickets reduced. The history of existence and specifics of vitamin D3 can be traced back to the 20th century. This happened after it was discovered that taking certain animal-based foods e.g. cod liver oil and milk impacted positively on overall bone health.

We suggest taking 1 tablet a day with water preferably in the morning 

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Excellent service as usual

Excellent service as usual, order confirmation received straight after ordering and regular updates in regard to despatch and delivery of the product.

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Excellent service

No problems at all. Will be using Health Essentials Direct on going.

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5 stars

Feeling so much better taking for few months and would recommend

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A good service

I order from you regularly. You provide a good reliable service and I will continue to use you. Please don’t ask me to review you again.

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Not been long enough use

Too early to say anything about the tablets in detail but but quite good so far

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